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Tail-lets On The Beech 1900

Mon Sep 06, 1999 1:37 pm


Could anyone tell me what the purpose of the tail-lets on the Beech 1900s are, and if all the models had them. I understand the theory behind winglets, is it sort of the same deal??? It makes for an interesting, but cool nonetheless, aircraft.

Thanx, Glen.

RE: Tail-lets On The Beech 1900

Mon Sep 06, 1999 2:17 pm

The 1900D taillets serve the same function as winglets (drag reduction, improved efficiency, etc.). You'll also notice large, horizontal stabilons on both sides at the base of the vertical stabilizer. These aid in recovery from a deep stall situation. Also, there are two large strakes on the bottom of the tail which improve stability. As far as I know, the 1900C has similar add-ons, although it has no winglets and the strakes are smaller.
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Not Quite...

Mon Sep 06, 1999 4:19 pm

As I was once a 1900 pilot I can tell you that they do not serve the same function of winglets, and are not there for efficiency. They are there to lower VMCA (Velocity of Minimum Controllable Airspeed (single engine)).

And the ventral fins below the tail are there to increase the CG range of the aircraft. An apendage that was added with the fuselage stretch from the King Air platform which is what the 1900 is based on.