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US Airways Question?

Mon Apr 08, 2002 7:13 am

In June I will be flying US Airways from SFO to PHL on an A321 and then connecting to a A319 to BOS. I was wondering how the service is on US Airways because I have never flown them before. Also is the A321 comfortable aircraft and what inflight entertainment is there (radio, movie, etc?). Thanks for any info.


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RE: US Airways Question?

Mon Apr 08, 2002 7:16 am

trip reports. search 'em.
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RE: US Airways Question?

Mon Apr 08, 2002 7:46 am

I flew US last November from Dallas to Philadelphia (and connecting to Rome Fiumicino).
I found their domestic service to be about average. One crew was friendly, one was rude. The meal out was absolutely revolting, the meal back was... wait, in a box... but it was pretty good for a box "snack." However, it WAS scheduled to be a full DINNER flight, not a snack... so who knows, I guess cost cutting after Sept 11.

Seats in the Airbusses are fine, but the ones in the 737s are uncomfortable.

The aircraft were all clean, for the most part. Several restrooms on the international A330, however, did not have soap.

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RE: US Airways Question?

Mon Apr 08, 2002 8:24 am

The airbuses are great. Comfortable, clean and new. The boeings are crap. Old, cramped, and worn out. The crew friendliness seems to be related to the type of plane. Fly them almost monthly SAN to PIT. Love the A321's. The meals, are, well, they are airline meals, what do you really expect. I have found the first class meals to be very tasty.

Anyway, you should have an average domestic flight. Plus, it always pays, to "fly the flag".

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