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Tue Sep 07, 1999 3:51 am

how is the iah-gru route? are the flights filling up or are they slow selling flights? continental has not done much advertising for the sao paulo route so how do they expect to fill the flights? also when do the 767-200s arrive? will it go straight to the iah-gru route? i hope so, the dc-10 at this point and time is not the best option.. had they begun this route a few years back the flight would need a 777 as the load factors WERE sky high in the 90%ile. but with the economy struggling the 757 would be ideal if it had the range. are the seats selling as good as expected? also how many hours is the flight?

thanks for all responses

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Tue Sep 07, 1999 5:53 am

Hello B767-300ER,

I have some info regarding economic situation:
The information I have isn't about this route in special, but a friend of mine who is travel agent (poor job in Brazil nowadays with this crisis...) told me that flights between Brazil and the USA are taking off with something between 35-40% (quite bad) of occupation tax. And let's not forget that the number of flights between these 2 countries were drasticly reduced since the end of last year... Thus, situation is definately bad!


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Tue Sep 07, 1999 4:53 pm

I looked at the bookings for CO93 IAHGRU, for one day in Dec. It is under 80 passengers at this time.
The 762's should begin arriving in Sep. of 2000. I would expect them to fly on US domestic routes for a least a month (for training), before going into the great beyond. Logically, IAHGRU should be one of the first places it would go. But you never know...........
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