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A Few Questions For FA's

Wed Apr 10, 2002 10:39 am

I wanted ask all FA's a few questions that have been on my mind for a while now, here goes:

1.What determines your salary?
2.Is affirmative action used in hiring?
3.Are flight attendants furloughed?

Thanks for your time.

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RE: A Few Questions For FA's

Wed Apr 10, 2002 10:49 am

Factors for salary are :

1) Hours flown
2) Years served increases hourly wage
3) International pay if you fly International
4) Speaker pay if you are hired to be a 2nd language speaker on a flight
5) Per Diem, this is basically to cover your expenses while away from home.
6) Percentage of Duty free sales if you are working the duty free cart
7) Some airlines also have hourly wage perks for you to not call in sick, this happens at CO
8) On time bonuses, at CO everyone gets 100 dollars each for the month if they rank first in on-time for the month, and 65 for 2nd and 3rd place, so far this year, Jan-Feb-March each yielded 100 dollars

think thats it for the salary