Help Me Find A Job At Ewr!

Wed Sep 08, 1999 12:59 am

Ok... I'm 17 and i've been looking around for a job. I really want to work at EWR no matter what the pay. I've sent letters to BA, and Virgin and Nada. I speak four languages and i think that that makes me highly qualified. Also when a i look in the paper... it says you must be 18. Can anybody help me out here. Also if there is anyone here who wants to give me a job at newark... i'll only be glad to take it. (as long as it does not involve cleaning toilets! I'l take a job at IKEA instead thank you very much!)
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RE: Help Me Find A Job At Ewr!

Wed Sep 08, 1999 1:52 am

I've tried to work up at EWR but there are a few ground rules All airlines have to follow....You must be 18..not exceptions..It's a FAA rule and the airlines would be shafted it they got caught with an person under 18. When you do reach 18 two suggestions.....1..try NJO online (it's a online combineation of the Starledger, Jersey Journal, etc.) Look up at looking in teh classifieds......check mainly the Starledger. 2..Write a very good resume, if you want to get anytype of emploment with an matter how small a job..the love and expect to see the resume. I hope this helps....

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RE: Help Me Find A Job At Ewr!

Wed Sep 08, 1999 8:18 am

I am an employee for continental airlines at EWR. This is the number for continental airlines employment information 1-877-324-5627. They are always hiring but u must be 18.