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Airport Jobs For Teens?!

Wed Sep 08, 1999 8:37 am

I am wondering, what kind of jobs could a 14-18 year old get at an airport (or IAD to be more specific!)? What would the wage be and are there any benefits such as % off tickets or like airport acces for photos? Thank-You!

RE: Airport Jobs For Teens?!

Wed Sep 08, 1999 8:50 am

Sorry to say this but the only thing you could do in that range of age is work at that fast food outlet inside the terminal. Or if you're luckey you could go to the local FBO and get a job fueling planes, 150's and 172's not 747's. To work for the Airport Authority you have to be above 18 or 19 for liability reasons.

RE: Airport Jobs For Teens?!

Wed Sep 08, 1999 9:01 am

You would not be able to fuel planes either. My buddy Iain (BA 747) works at a pilot supply store he has access to the ramp and gets discounts at the flight school and stuff. But you can not do too much being so young.
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RE: Airport Jobs For Teens?!

Wed Sep 08, 1999 9:08 am

I would also suggest going to the local FBO. Thats what I did and now I run the place for the boss. While they are not 747s I get to work with Cessna 172s, 182s, 206s, 210s. Katanas, Pipers, Maules, helicopters and the likes. Don't forget their are some real treasures at small fields like the two Stearman at mine.
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RE: Airport Jobs For Teens?!

Wed Sep 08, 1999 9:39 am

I know a young man who is a UAL gate agent at PDX. His father is a UAL pilot, and I work with this young man through UAL's Pilot Mentor program. He is 17. I believe that it is possible to get work like this, but you have to have a parent working for the airline or be really impressive in the interview. I think you'd also have to be 16 or 17. I'm really not sure. But I think that at UAL's website, you can see about specific job openings and requirements, including minimum age.

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Traveller's Aid

Wed Sep 08, 1999 9:46 am

At Tampa, they have introduced a new traveller's aid program. You don't get paid, it is only volunteer. But it does count toward to required community service hours, if your school has that. If flights are delayed, you walk around the gate areas and offer passengers little snacks. You walk around baggage claim and assist people if they are lost. You pretty much just help out all the travelers. If it is run thru the airport, not any specific airline, so you don't get discounts or anything. But it is a great way to walk around the airport and get access to some behind the seens areas. Minimum age is about 15, I think. Maybe IAD offers something similar.

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