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CLT/ATA Questions?

Sun Apr 14, 2002 12:18 am

Now that the cats out of the bag, I'd like to find out more info about the new carrier coming to CLT. What is the financial health of ATA? Probably better than US. Will ATA flourish here since US has made flying out of CLT very $$$$? Also, will Chicago Express look into RJ's? EMB-135's etc. If the routes to MDW flourish, how long before we could see a B753? Or are there not enough 753s to go around? Either way, it's exciting to have a carrier from close to home come to CLT. Especially low-fare! Maybe if ATA does great here in CLT, could we possibly see more low-fare carriers (Frontier) come to CLT? Anyway, kudos to ATA!
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RE: CLT/ATA Questions?

Sun Apr 14, 2002 3:32 am

I do not see the 757-300 into CLT. 6 will be used for LAX/SFO - HNL,OGG starting this spring. I think there is also one going to be used on MDW-LAS this summer. MCO - MDW and IND-MCO-SJU also operate with the 753.

The following address is useful regarding ATA info.


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RE: CLT/ATA Questions?

Sun Apr 14, 2002 5:24 am

i would highly doubt you will see the 753. the demand isnt strong enough most likely. i think the only city to see the 753 on the east coast(excluding florida) is lga, i am not sure that 753 flt is daily. dont jump the gun just yet. although usairways is not in a good situation they are not goin to go bankrupt tomorrow. also if/when usairways does go bankrupt other carriers may be interested in clt too, including some big carriers which will discourage low-fare carrier growth, much like usairways has done. dont get too excited over this new low-fare service. yeah you never know maybe ata and other low-fare carriers will start service to clt sometime, but in the current situation of many airlines there isnt goin to be a big rush for new service to clt or many other places for that matter, with a few exceptions.