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Help With Picture Posting!

Wed Sep 08, 1999 11:40 am

This is actually a question about posting pictures. As you have seen in my other post, I managed to post a picture from, but I had to use it's acutal address on the web. Could anyone tell me how to post them from but have the "Click to enlarge" and the photographers name below it??
If you don't understand what I am saying, just let me know and I'll try to explain myself better.

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RE: Help With Picture Posting!

Wed Sep 08, 1999 11:55 am

From my understanding, you do the exact same process with the info (the SRC IMG<"akdjflaksdlaksdjflaskdjf.jpg">, but when you are choosing the pics from the small pics, you choose the one you want, right click on the mouse, and choose "VIEW IMAGE". That will bring the small pic up on a separate page for you...from there, CUT AND PASTE the URL to the inside of the <"____________"> thing.

Hope it works!

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RE: Help With Picture Posting!

Wed Sep 08, 1999 9:26 pm

No FLY777UAL, you may not link like that due to the copyrights involved. That is why I have made it possible to link to a photo yet include the copyright information.

Just read the help section you'll find at the top of this page. It is explaned there in detail and I don't understand why you didn't look under the "Help" link before posting a question like this.

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