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Aibus And MDD's Names?

Sun Apr 14, 2002 8:02 pm

I learned thanks to one of you what does the Airbus names means! But I wanna go further...Anybody can give me a website or explain me what does the last number of the Airbus series name means? (eg: A320-231) the #1?.
I know it's an A320 serie -200 with IAE engines but what is the 1? I guess it's the engine exact type??
Do you know where to find a website what list and explain all that numbers?

One more thing!
I was wondering what does the MDD names means?
DC-8-62 ->62
DC-9-31 ->31
DC-10-15 ->15???

Thanks by advance to all of you!
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RE: Aibus And MDD's Names?

Sun Apr 14, 2002 8:27 pm

Atleast for Airbus after the model name, i.e. A320, there are thre letters:
The first is the series, -100 or -200
The second is the engine manufacter, where 0 stands for GE, 1 for CFM, 2 for PW, 3 for IAE and 4 for RR, hope I got that right.
The third letter indicates which specific engine it is, i.e. an A320-231 has a V2533-A5 engine while an -232 has a V2527-A5 engine.

Hope this explains.

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RE: Aibus And MDD's Names?

Mon Apr 15, 2002 3:19 pm

As for Douglas designations, with the DC-8 & DC-9, the last digit represented a subvariant of the main series. Usually the differences were internal, for example operating weights or engine version. On DC-8 versions, the only ones with a visible difference were the 60 series. The DC-8-61 was 35 feet longer than earlier versions. The DC-8-62 was only 7 feet longer, but had an increased span and steamlined engine nacelles. The DC-8-63 combined the fuselage of the -61 with the wing of the -62. With the DC-10, there were four series: DC-10-10, -15, -30 & -40. The -10 & -15 had lower weights. The -30 & -40 were heavier and had the extra center landing gear, as well as greater span. Engines were GE CF6-6 on the -10, CF6-50 (-15 & -30), and the P&W JT9D (-40).
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RE: Aibus And MDD's Names?

Mon Apr 15, 2002 3:23 pm

The 1st gen DC-10-40 (for NW) was originally called the DC-10-20, with PW JT9D-20 engines. The later DC-10-40 for JAL had more powerful JT9D-59 engines, with different nacelles than NW.

MDD changed the DC-10-20 to -40 for marketing reasons.

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RE: Aibus And MDD's Names?

Sun Apr 21, 2002 5:59 am

thank you very much guys this is realy helpful!
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RE: Aibus And MDD's Names?

Tue Apr 23, 2002 12:09 am

The DC-10-15 was specifically designed for hot and high medium range operations. I think it was designed at Mexican airlines request in the early 80s. MX got 5 and AM 2 or 3. These a/c were used domestically and to US destinations.