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Details Of Concorde.

Sun Apr 14, 2002 8:49 pm

Which airlines have Concorde?just BA and AF?
What routes are they flying and how much is the fare cos' I've heard that the fare is very expensive.

Thanks for answering.
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RE: Details Of Concorde.

Sun Apr 14, 2002 8:54 pm

The AF return fare CDG-JFK is 8100 EUR.


BA also flies to Barbados, but I thibk Concorde is available as a charter for other destinations.

BA fares are similar to AF fares, quite expensive...
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RE: Details Of Concorde.

Sun Apr 14, 2002 9:20 pm

BA's return fare to JFK is £6800, basically a 1st class fare plus 20%
BA frequent 1st/business flyers often get upgraded to Concorde.
Scheduled BGI flights ended yesterday, some may operate in August and the BGI season will restart in December.
Since relaunch, AF have done a few CDG-CDG charters, BA has at present no plans to restart charters.
In 1979-80 BA Concorde G-BOAD had a Singapore Airlines livery on the left side, and a mixed BA/SIA cabin crew for flights to Singapore via Bahrain.
The recession at the time and political difficulties ended the service.
AF and BA with some Braniff flight crews flew to DFW via IAD, this domestic segment requiring temporary US registrations for aircraft operating this route.
Not successful as extended flight at Mach 0.95 in US airspace overland was not economical, the service was again in the 1979-80 period.
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