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Continental Airlines

Wed Sep 08, 1999 3:49 pm

Does anyone have any information of this crash or do any people remember it? My mom was on the plane but i wanted to know if their were any pictures or people who were on that plane.

this is the info on the flight

03/01/1978 09:25 LOCATION: LAX, Los Angeles-to honolulu, California
CARRIER: Continental Airlines FLIGHT: 603 AIRCRAFT: Douglas DC-10-10
REGISTRY: N68045 S/N: 46904 ABOARD: 200 FATAL: 2 GROUND:
DETAILS: While approaching V1 speed on takeoff, a loud bang was
heard followed by shaking of the aircraft. The crew decided to abort
the takeoff. With the end of the runway approaching, the captain
steered the aircraft off the runway to the right. The landing gear
failed and resulted in a fire. The plane slid for approximately 650
feet and came to rest 40 feet right of the runway centerline. Failure
of two tires on the left main landing gear resulting in failure of a
third tire during a critical point in the takeoff.
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RE: Continental Airlines

Wed Sep 08, 1999 4:18 pm

I do remember this event, but I don't know if/where you could find pics of it. The plane was distroyed in the fire. The two people who died did so because they ran out an overwing exit.... right into flames.
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RE: Continental Airlines

Wed Sep 08, 1999 5:06 pm

Try for information
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RE: Continental Airlines

Wed Sep 08, 1999 10:49 pm

As I recall, this was one of several accidents in which the aviation safety experts questioned the design philosophy--or perhaps the quality of construction--of the DC-10. The fire erupted after fuel poured from wing tanks that ruptured when the main gear strut tore away as the aircraft steered onto the grass adjacent to the strip. McDonnell Douglas had claimed during certification, however, that the main gear was designed to shear off and protect the integrity of wing fuel tanks. I guess it goes to show that engineers' models can be only so accurate...

By way of note, I think Aviation Week & Space technology ran a story about this accident a week or so after it occurred. That's the only place I've seen photos of it. You might check your local library.
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RE: Continental Airlines

Thu Sep 09, 1999 9:40 am

There was a TV show made about this. It actually had a renenactment of the crash from the passengers point of view. I believe it was an "Unsolved Mysteries" or some sort of special on guardian angels. I remember a girl dreamed about it before it happened. It was the Captain's last flight and his wife was onboard. I believe I recorded it but I'd have to look. I also have a book about it.
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RE: Continental Airlines

Fri Sep 10, 1999 7:30 am

does anyone know if their is a site on the web about this crash?