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Price Of Obtaining ATP And All Applicable Ratings

Thu Apr 18, 2002 9:44 am

Could someone give me a rough estimate of how much I should expect to pay each year to obtain my ATP and all other applicable ratings. I expect to start working towards my private rating in july or august initially flying once or twice a week. During college the subsequent year, I plan to take flying lessons while obtaining a major pertinent to business or aviation.
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RE: Price Of Obtaining ATP And All Applicable Ratings

Thu Apr 18, 2002 10:09 am

I am not sure about all the aplicable ratings but I can tell you what I know, I have just begun my flying lessons in a Cessna Authorized Pilot Center in Jabara Airport (AAO) in Wichita KS. I fly twice a week and currently am I paying 132.72USD per hour, 98 USD for the aircraft (a very nice 2000 Cessna 172) and 25 USD for the instructor plus tax. Of course you can get a cheaper airplane, there is another airport around here (Benton KS) which will charge like 80USD for an older 172 and 60USD for a 152, but I really feel more comfortable in the new Cessna 172.

Anyway, lets say you go to a place which charge 98.00 per hour, you need at least 30hrs with an instructor so 132.72X30=3981.6USD
10 hrs of solo 10x104.86=1048.6USD, so that comes to a total of 5030.2 USD.

Plan to fligh at least twice a week and you are looking to something around 1200USD a month for you flight training, only for the private .

Hope this help