Air Wisconsin

Fri Sep 10, 1999 6:12 am

Hi All
When did AirWisonsin merge with United? Also, does Continental still operate DC-9's?

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RE: Air Wisconsin

Fri Sep 10, 1999 6:27 am

UAL bought Air Wisconsin in 1991 then CJT Holdings Inc., bought them in 1993. They have their whole history on their web site.

CO still lists DC-9-30s on their fleet info page so I guess they still have them.

Check out their web sites, they might answer a lot of your questions at once.

Regards from St Louis!
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American MD-80

Sat Sep 11, 1999 3:10 pm

A site that I found to be pretty good and has pretty much all airline fleets in the world is:

Hope this helps, they say that they update it each month.



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