Qatar Airways To Be Privatised 2005 + Acquisitions

Sat Apr 20, 2002 4:18 pm

(Summary of Qatar Airways' CEO statements)

Qatar Airways Privatisation

Qatar Airways plans to be privatised by 2005. The airline was originally a private venture but the government decided to take a 45% stake in 1999 which later expanded to 50%.
The CEO has said that the airline will have an IPO (Initial Public Offering) at around 2005. The airlines stocks will be traded publicly in the London Stock Exchange and the Doha Stock Exchange.
The airline is currently financially strong and is experiencing high load factors and so the IPO is very eagerly anticipated by the public.

From Al-Jazeera and Al-Sharq Newspaper (Arabic)

Qatar Airways acquisition plans

Qatar Airways will likely finalize an agreement with the Sudanese government to buy a stake in Sudan Airways by the end of the summer.
Qatar Airways is also in talks to buyout the shareholders of Qatar Tourism and Leisure Projects Corporation which owns an operate a Theme Park and several other leisure facilities in Qatar. Qatar Tourism and Leisure Projects Corporation is currently in financial trouble but Qatar Airways plans to turn the company around.