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Aserca MD-90, What Is That?

Fri Sep 10, 1999 7:31 pm

Well i posted this days ago but nobody havent the answers so i'll repeat it ones again.

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What is that?? Venezuelan airline Aserca operating MD-90? from where, to where, how many MD's and finally is that some new c/s?

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RE: Aserca MD-90, What Is That?

Sat Sep 11, 1999 3:07 am

Excuse me, Montenegro, but I actually think I'm someone in the surface of Earth and in this forum also!

Anyway, if you want more information, I can help you:

This airline started operations in 1968 and in 1991 the first DC-9 were added. They fly to 10 cities in Venezuela and to Aruba, Santo Domingo and Punta Cana in Central America. They have plans to start opperations to Barranquilla (Colombia), Manaus and Saint Marteen in short time period, and to Bogota, Quito, Lima, Barbados and Martinica in medium time.
They bought last year 70% of the Air Aruba shares, so they have gained big privileges concerning the entrance in the USA market. They are expected to start flights to Buenos Aires and São Paulo, since they gained rights for these of the routes former operated by VIASA. Therefore, these are two of the routes that would receive the MD-90s.
In 1997 they've transported 1,2 mi passengers. Their fleet also feature 10 DC-9s.

source: Flap Internacional, a Brazilian monthly aviation magazine, n. 313 from November/98.


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RE: Aserca MD-90, What Is That?

Mon Sep 13, 1999 11:00 pm

I just wonted to thank you for beeing so kind in answering to me.

Savo ( Montenegro )