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Animals On Airport Grounds

Sat Sep 11, 1999 11:46 am

FlyCMH's post about deer on the runway got me thinking. If perimeter security at airports is made to be good enough to make it very hard for humans to get past, how do animals get onto the airport so easily? I've heard about this many times, and have been puzzled about it.
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RE: Animals On Airport Grounds

Sat Sep 11, 1999 12:55 pm

The deer actually were able to jump over the fences surrounding the south runway. The fence does have barbed wire on the top, but the fence itself is not all that high. The groundhog problem has lessened since previous years. I think that they just found a small opening in the fence and squeezed through to the other side. Then the mourning doves just fly in. But a couple of Periguin falcons seem to like to hang out at the airport, I believe also to help aleviate the dove population at the airport. I recently saw one of the falcons sitting on a fence post at the Avis Rental Car lot.