Best Cabin Service In Australia?

Sat Sep 11, 1999 9:01 pm

I am curious to know what other peoples opinion of domestic cabin service in Australia is?Price wise there is not much difference between Ansett and Qantas.

Availability- well I think Qantas has more flights and more seats but who really does give the best service?
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RE: Best Cabin Service In Australia?

Sat Sep 11, 1999 11:53 pm

I fly with both airlines quite a bit and have no preference for cabin service.

More important for comfort I find, is the aircraft, and the 767's win by a mile in my opinion. Can't pick between the 320 &737.

Is there effectively any competion?

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RE: Best Cabin Service In Australia?

Sun Sep 12, 1999 1:26 am

Service wise I think Ansett Australia is much better than Qantas. I find the Qantas crew just cant seem bothered and they need to smile more. The AN cabin service is more personalised and they are much more friendly.
In terms of equipment, I suppose Qantas wins with the larger B767 and now some 747s on domestic routes. Here in Perth, all AN flights lining the eastcoast are with the A320 except for the midnight run which is a B767. Qantas has practically 90% of its flights on the B767.
They both more or less operate the same key routes at the same times, so there is not much difference on this one. But overall, AN wins hands down.
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RE: Best Cabin Service In Australia?

Sun Sep 12, 1999 2:06 am

Historically Ansett has always been the better of the two. I certainly prefer them. In the old days of Qantas flying exclusively international routes and TAA flying exclusively domestic routes, both were state-owned. And while this stupid arrangement was never going to make money, the go't made things worse by allowing the mngt of QF to choose it's own domestic partner. In any other country the two state-owned airlines would be tailored to fit each other, but QF chose Ansett, the privately-owned domestic "competition". Bizarre I know, but it shows who had the best service. Now TAA and Qantas are one airline, but the smell of nationalised industry still hangs heavily. Ansett have always had to make a profit. That said, the Aussie airline industry is a classic duopoly and effectively there is no competition. I doubt there is any difference, although I haven't flown Qantas domestic routes (always Ansett). If I had $100m I'd buy some uprated A321s and some A330s and show them how things are done, and what competition really means.
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RE: Best Cabin Service In Australia?

Sun Sep 12, 1999 11:30 am

As for the cabin crew, on both AN and QF I've had no trouble. Both airlines are friendly and attentive. As for aircraft, I prefer the A320 over the 737's. Being 6'6" tall, I find that there is more legroom in the A320. Anyway, that's just my opinion.

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RE: Best Cabin Service In Australia?

Sun Sep 12, 1999 11:45 am

I have flown both quite a number of times, and choose Ansett as their cabin Crew are:

-friendly and warm
-hospitable and

Qantas cabin crews tend to lack the above attributes: Not all - but the majority, as a previous poster said "cant be bothered"

The same on the ground an on the phone: amazing customer service with Ansett and basically none with Qantas.

I have nothing against qantas and still fly them, but whenever I can I choose Ansett.
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RE: Best Cabin Service In Australia?

Sun Sep 12, 1999 8:50 pm

They're both the same and it depends entirely on your crew as to how the flight feels and is run. Both have their share of sour things that don't give a fig as well as friendly smiley chatty ones.
Both carriers are winners though - any airline that still provides hot meals/snacks on short haul domestic runs with free headsets and video/audio entertainment can't be all that shabby.