Pilot Career

Sun Sep 12, 1999 12:26 am

I really want to begin a commercial pilot career path after I finish University. Anyone have any ideas how to start??

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RE: Pilot Career

Sun Sep 12, 1999 12:29 am

Check out this site
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RE: Pilot Career

Sun Sep 12, 1999 1:31 pm

Some European airlines say that they will hire anyone without having to go to college or have any flying hours, they will basically start you from scatch. BA says that along with this, if you can procure a BA citizenship, or visa to live in the UK you can be hired. Lufthansa also says something similar. But you have to wonder, what strings are attached? This almost seems to good to be true. Maybe they are doing this because pilot supply is drying and the airlines are realising that most people don't want to become pilots because of all the training involved. A hope and prayer would be answered if I were to find out if this were true.
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