A Horror Story

Sun Sep 12, 1999 3:39 am

Anyone ever heard of NationsAir? Well, here is my story of my experience with them.

I flew on a Nations 737-200 from Newark to Atlanta 4 months ago. Some of the seats on the plane were broken. They did not recline. The F/A who was very rude did not say hello when I boarded. No one was standing by the entrance when we boarded. Then the pilot began pushback while we
were still putting our carry-ons in the over head storage. None of the seats on my row had any saftey cards! The f/a went over the saftey demo really quick. Then after take off, when the f/a was serving us a drink, I asked for a full can of coke, and she said: IF YOU ASK FOR A WHOLE CAN OF COKE, THEN THAT IS WHAT YOU WILL GET! Then she just handed me the can, with no cup or ice, and moved on. We then hit turbulence and my coke spilled all over the seat and the f/a did not even bother to bring me napkins after I rang the call button 20 times. How tacky. I then went to the lav
and cleaned myself up, and sat in a different row, and she asked, Why did you move? YOU WERE ASSINGNED TO THAT SEAT! I told here I spilt the coke, and then she finally cleaned up the seat. I also went to the forward galley to request ice and
a cup, and she threw the cup to me and 5 minuates later brought me the ice. She said: WHY DID YOU NOT REQUEST ICE AND A CUP WHEN I CAME THROUGH?. There was also no magizines aboard. So I went to a different seat and got a saftey card to read. Finally, after a miserable flight, we landed in ATL. No one said goodbye either as we de-planed. The f/a just stood in the galley and drank a cup of coke as we de-planed. I am never ever flying that airline again! I'll take Delta next time. I give Nations a   Any comments? Share your stories here.
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RE: A Horror Story

Sun Sep 12, 1999 4:09 am


Flight attendants aren't there to kiss your ass, they are there to save it. A friendly 'Hello' or 'Good-bye' is not, by any means, required when you are entering or leaving an aircraft. It is simply a gesture to get more of your money into their airline.

You complain about a few very small things in your post, like not having ice for your drink. You poor deprived individual, I can't imagine what it was like to go through that. Maybe you could have acted like any other human being and drink it from the can?

You claim to have spilled your drink during turbulence. What are you looking for, a refund? Turbulence happens. GET OVER IT. It is not the airlines fault you got a little bit wet, it is yours and only yours.

I think passengers, today, have VERY high expectations when travelling on an airline. By the sounds of it, you did not pay very much at all for this flight. They give you a low fare service, taking away all the frills you would receive on, say, United's First Class. If you want a flight attendant to pat-dry your pants for you, I say you're out of luck. They are not responsible for your mistakes.

They are there to save your life, and if you're lucky, give you some great service.

Just feel lucky you didn't end up in thirty-six-hundred peices halfway between Newark and Atlanta.



Re: Tygue

Sun Sep 12, 1999 4:19 am

Yes, you are right. I did get an excellent fare on Nations though. So it was worth the fare. Service did not bother me. If I ever fly Nations again, i'll just take my own food and drink.
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RE: A Horror Story

Sun Sep 12, 1999 5:38 am

Eastern A-300:

Fly United Airlines. They have excellent aircraft and excellent service.

RE: A Horror Story

Sun Sep 12, 1999 5:43 am

I find it hard to believe that any US airline, even a terrible one, would push back before all the passengers are seated and strapped in. That would be in direct violation of FAA regs. If it really happened, however, you should have reported it to the FAA.

Burlingame, California

Additional Comments

Sun Sep 12, 1999 5:49 am

If anyone is interested in the interiors, they are
1960's United seats. The carpet is shaggy from the 60's as well. The seats definently look like they are from the 1960's. The only new thing onboard was the enclosed overhead bins. The bulkheads were all torn up as well. Same as in the Lav, old busted locks. Thanks N777UAL, next time i'll take United or Delta. I should avoid NationsAir  

RE: United946

Sun Sep 12, 1999 5:54 am

They sure did. The f/a was drinking coke during push-back instead of preparing the Galley for take-off. She must have loved coke, because she was constanly drinking it through-out the flight.
Well, the plane did not take off until everyone was strapped in though. The f/a did check to make sure everyone was in their seat belts. The other flight attendant onboard did that. She was the nice one. She had a better attitude than the rude one.

My Return Trip

Sun Sep 12, 1999 5:57 am

My return trip on Nations was great. I was greeted
when I boarded, and I was given a cup of ice and a can of coke. As well as some peanuts. The interior was new, with Royal Blue seats. I enjoyed
that flight very much. The flight attendants were nice and the plane did not push back until the plane was ready. I dont know what was wrong with that horror flight though. I wish Nations was like the way I described it above. And not horror.
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RE: United946

Sun Sep 12, 1999 6:01 am

This has happened to me before. I was flying from SJC-SEA, and we had a 4:00PM departure. Some eight minutes early, at 3:52 we began our pushback, even though not everyone was in their seats. Everybody had been told to take their seats however, and all the overhead bins were closed. But this is a violation of FAA rules. We arrived in Seattle 20 minutes early. I never quite figured out why this occured--I assume it was due to some ATC reason, as the weather was calm, and clear on across the flight path. Things are always a little loose at SJC, so I didn't say anything.
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RE: United946

Sun Sep 12, 1999 6:48 am

Sometimes its a good thing to have broken seats in your row, as long as it isnt your seat, I was on a continental 737-300 from msp-iah, the tray tables on the 2 seats next to mine were broken off so I had the whole row to myself.

Non-reclining Seats

Sun Sep 12, 1999 7:18 am

Perhaps you were seated in front of an emergency exit row. Sometimes, these seats are not allowed to recline to allow for more room in the exit row. They should let you know if your going to be in one of these seats, however.
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RE: A Horror Story

Sun Sep 12, 1999 8:12 am

Well IMHO a flight attendant can and should be nice and attend to the passengers needs. Obviously a whole can of Coke is not asking too much, I think anyone would agree to that. I doubt the safety and welfare of the passengers was at jeopardy at this point in the flight. Sounds like a bitter flight hag to me. Or maybe she was just hoarding the Coke for herself.

And, I might add, if a "hello" and a "goodbye" are only a means for an airline to make money, may we safely say that a "snarl" and "whaddayawant" will surely drive away said money?

I think I'd move my bottom back to where the nicer flight attendant was, thank my Higher Power for a safe landing (and ask forgiveness for flying such a cut-rate airline), and proceed to show Bitter One the same respect as she showed you by writing a letter to the airline AND following up with a phone call.
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Re: Tygue

Sun Sep 12, 1999 8:39 am

I'm guessing tygue doesn't have high standards when flying. You said the F/A's aren't there to kiss your rear, but they are there to assist you, and to make your flight more enjoyable. Obviously they didn't do that in this case. And any airline, I don't care how low cost, will give you a cup and some ice. I think she just needed an attitude adjustment.
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RE: A Horror Story

Sun Sep 12, 1999 9:39 am

See what I mean? Read my reply to the post under "Airtran". same concept here too.
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RE: A Horror Story

Sun Sep 12, 1999 12:20 pm

Tygue, yes an f/a is not there to serve on you hand-and-foot, but she/he doesn't need to have that job. If you are not a people-person, don't get into a profession where you have to deal with people all day. I say that if you can't be the least bit courteous and have a good attitude, then get your bum out of that job, because there are many people willing to fill your position that have a good attitude. While NationsAir is a no-frills airline it DOESN'T mean that the flight attendant can treat you as though you're Oliver Twist asking for some more. A "hello" or "good-bye" should just be something that goes along with the flight, regardless of how much you pay. Whether it's a long-haul, first class 747 or a 737 short-haul low cost airline, the same (or at least similar) level of professionality should be evident. I have flown Delta Express a couple of times and those f/as were not perfect, but their presence was always evident, and a "hello" and "good-bye" was the given to every passenger. And is a cup w/ ice so much to ask for.
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Sun Sep 12, 1999 12:33 pm

I have very high expectations if I am paying 1000+ dollars for a first class flight. If this is the case, I want the flight attendant to answer all my questions, meet all my demands (within reason) and act somewhat decent.

If I pay 100 dollars for a flight that could cost 10 times as much, I will settle with just a hello/goodbye and if I am really lucky, a cold sandwich or bag of chips. But I do not go off and tell to everybody that I spilled a drink in my lap, therefore this airline stinks.

Plus: Lowfare airlines tend to not pay their staff as much as a large airline like united or american, which offers several classes and more perks, simply because they cannot afford it.

I do not let one flight ruin my personal opinion on an airline. The crews I have flown with may not have slept in 18 hours. You never know.

You can't fly NationsAir and expect Delta service. It just isn't going to happen.

Fork up another grand and then you can have the right to complain about not getting some ice.

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RE: A Horror Story

Mon Sep 13, 1999 1:46 am

Eastern A-300:
A very interesting story. Do you mind if I take it to NationsAir?? See what they have to say about that. If not, just let me know, I will respect your decision.

Andrew (aka Aircanada)

RE: A Horror Story

Mon Sep 13, 1999 2:54 am

No, please dont take it to Nations. I'll just take Delta next time.

RE: A Horror Story

Thu Sep 16, 1999 7:03 am

EWR-ATL and you did not take CO or DL...
You get what you pay for !
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RE: A Horror Story

Sun Sep 19, 1999 10:15 pm

I do hope you sent in a letter of complaint to NationsAir! They need to
be aware of incidents such as this.

I once had a horrible experience on CO, right after TI took it over, the
F/A actually thought I was an ex-boyfreind of hers! She created quite
a scene. It was so bad, that when we landed, I filed a complaint right
on the spot. She claimed nothing happened (a fellow passenger was
with me to verify all incidents happened) then the station manager told
me that I wasn't on that flight, that my boarding pass was a fake and
that I should just go away! This happened in 1982, and I have not
been on CO since, nor do I ever plan to!

Back to the NationsAir incident. OK, we all know that there are less
F/A's on planes these days then there were in the past. But the
airlines have compensated by offering less services than in the
past too. I also agree that the traveling public has gotten more
demanding, but this "I am here to save your a--" attitude has
offended many people. While the plane is not experiencing an
emergency, F/A's can be doing other things. Such as being nice.
I recently took a US Air flight from CLT to IAH, this is a 2:50 flight.
We got one round of drinks, and that was that! The F/A's came
around two times. Once at the beginning of the flight and the
second time was when we started the letdown into the IAH area
to pick up the glasses. No turbulence the entire flight.

I found nothing wrong with a request for a can of coke. When
I order a alcoholic beverage, one mini-bottle and one glass of
coke makes too strong a drink for me. So, I ask for two glasses
of ice and a can of coke. I do this as on most flights you will
not get an opportunity to ask for anything again. I will state
that before I order, I do inform the F/A that I have a "special
request". Most F/A's have been happy to provide this, so everyone
is happy! The only time I ever had an exception was on a NW
flight where the F/A DID provide for my request and I mentioned
to her "Thank You, now you will not have to bother with me again"
She fired back "And just what do you mean by that remark?" I
told her I was just trying to make her job easier, and she said
that SHE will handle her job, not me! Ah, F/A's are people too,
she must have had a bad day.

In closing, I think that the minimum F/A's should do is try to be
nice to the passengers and remember that they are representing
their airline to the pubic. A Hello and Good-Bye is not asking
for too much.

But Eastern A-300, pressing the call button 20 times? That would
probably bring the wrath down upon you!
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