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Bring Visitors Back Into Concourses Part 2

Fri Apr 26, 2002 7:10 am

This post is part 2 of ScottysAir post about allowing visitors back into concourses again.

From an airline employee's standpoint, this would complicate things with all of the current security measures and procedures in effect. Lines are unbelieveably long right now, and these lines are only passengers. Imagine what they would be if we allowed anybody access to the concourses. Congestion would also increases in the concourses, as people are showing up for flights early, lining up early, and having more people in these areas will cause confusion.

If the FAA allows us to go back to the old "pass thru security checkpoint within 10 seconds" deal, I could see allowing anybody thru, as lines would not be bad. This, however, will never happen again unfortunatly!

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RE: Bring Visitors Back Into Concourses Part 2

Fri Apr 26, 2002 12:46 pm

Just like you said, it has less to do with security and more to do with efficiency. Until screening procedures are quick and "secure" enough, there is a 0% chance of non-passengers inside the security areas.
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