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Airline Executives?

Sun Sep 12, 1999 1:12 pm

I think that if airline executives were to come here to this forum, I think they'd be able to learn a thing or two about what the travelling public wants. If they were to browse the topics maybe they could find new innovations to improve their respective airlines' service.
What are you thoughts on this matter?

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RE: Airline Executives?

Sun Sep 12, 1999 9:35 pm

I think what you have said is quite interesting, LH423. Opinions are always welcomed regardless of whom we all may be. However, if you check the statistics you will see that the large majority of users in here are below the age of 30. Please, don't think that older people have necessarily better ideas, but most of us writing in this forum have not being exposed to real life situations in senior management positions within any airline.

I remember once someone wrote a posting like this: "Boeing should launch Boeing 777 freight version!" I think this is like saying I will buy a Jaguar car to deliver pizzas. This is not the sort of insight a Boeing engineer would like to hear during a brainstorming session.

We definitely have great topics, like the ones posted by TP343, Kaitak, Tailscraper, CaptainPurdue, Petroni, etc. But I think most airline senior executives would say that our ideas are not very refined or even realistic, therefore not worthwhile to come here and check on them. Pretty arrogant, eh?

Anyways, this is just my opinion. Best regards!
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RE: Airline Executives?

Sun Sep 12, 1999 11:16 pm

My dad is an executive for a mayor airline, and I brief him about the topics here on the forum, he is very interested but sais that they know most of these things already, but difficult to implement in reality...