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Ancient TWA Routes

Sun Sep 12, 1999 1:29 pm

Here are some more TWA routes I found out about. They are mainly during the late 60's and 70's.
Guam-Frankfurt, HNL-Frankfurt, JFK-Tapei, JFK-Hong Kong, Guam-Tapei. TWA went everywhere. Almost like Pan Am with domestic routes too.
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RE: Ancient TWA Routes

Sun Sep 12, 1999 1:32 pm

Wow, I never even knew TWA ever served Asia. You wouldn't happen to know what aircraft were used on these routes, would you?
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RE: Ancient TWA Routes

Sun Sep 12, 1999 1:58 pm

The old conies and the 707s
twa still has the rights to a bunch of routes but donst fly them anymore.
Why well you cant take a 763 lax-lgw,???-hkg!!!
Thats why twa is so sad right now they have it all they just need the aircraft  
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RE: Ancient TWA Routes

Sun Sep 12, 1999 2:09 pm

LAX-LGW can be flown by a B767-300ER. A B767-200ER can fly STL-NRT easily. These 767s have a great deal of range!
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RE: Ancient TWA Routes

Sun Sep 12, 1999 6:01 pm

TWA used to come to Brussels also. Out of Brussels they had two destination points: New York JFK and Berlin. They used to fly to JFK with the L-1011 and later the 767, and the 727 to Berlin.
I flew TWA 11 years ago from Brussels to JFK roundtrip, it was an L-1011.

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RE: Ancient TWA Routes

Sun Sep 12, 1999 8:56 pm

So sad really. A great name and airline only a mere shadow of it's former self.
At least they are hanging in there - the TWA name (along with PanAm) is one of those that should never be allowed to disappear, although these days they really need to look at a new name for the
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RE: Ancient TWA Routes

Sun Sep 12, 1999 9:06 pm

No offence to TWA fans, but I think it is a lunatic idea to offer a Guam-Frankfurt route in any point in time. You don't have to be an Einstein to figure out that how unprofitable this segment is.

The reason TWA has struggled to report consistent and robust profits in the last 40 years or so lies in their poor managerial history. Looking back, it is a surprise TWA didn't go belly up, like Pan Am and Eastern, yet.

Unfortunately, it seems the old managerial practices still alive within TWA senior executives. While the major US carriers were looking for a European partner, TWA decided to form a strategic alliance with Royal Air Marocc and "possibly with regional partners" only, like the troublesome TWE.

I get upset when I see a classic airline being deteriorated with such an amateur approach to its business strategies. TWA has, through the years, adopted the most orthodox strategies to succeed in the airline industry, like refusing to order jets, launching hubs too close geographically and resuming unprofitable flights everywhere. TWA refuses to be realistic and pragmatic in its business decisions, and the overall result may culminate in bankruptcy again.

I apologise again, TWA fans.
The fastest way to become a millionaire in the airline business is to start as a billionaire.
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RE: Ancient TWA Routes

Sun Sep 12, 1999 11:40 pm

I like TW's HNL-FRA wouldn't believe how many Germans there are over in Hawaii! The leaflets handed out in shops and on the street are printed in three languages: English, Japanese, and the most surprising--German.

Does anyone know where TW's JFK-HKG service stopped?


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RE: Ancient TWA Routes

Mon Sep 13, 1999 3:47 am

I still have a photo taken from my seat aboard a TWA 707-331B on descent towards Colombo,Ceylon in 1969. Great First Class service as I recall.
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RE: Ancient TWA Routes

Mon Sep 13, 1999 4:57 am

went something like
jfk-lax-hnl-gun-???-???-hkg i think
and yes it is sad to see what could be as good/better then united but they dont casue they dont have the aircraft (well they do but the ceo is jjust to stupid)
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RE: Ancient TWA Routes

Sat Sep 18, 1999 8:16 am

In summer 1969 TW, WA, BN and CO all started flying to HNL (AA started 1970). TW's flight continued via Guam-Okinawa-Taipei-Hong Kong; if we can believe the timetable it started out as a thru flight LAX-JFK westbound and JFK-JFK (?) eastbound. In 1974 or '75 they dropped everything between California and Tel Aviv.
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To Dc863

Sat Sep 18, 1999 4:31 pm

I did know that TWA flew to India and Pakistan in the 60s, but never knew they went to Colombo. What route did they take?