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PA3's Routes

Mon Sep 13, 1999 7:40 am

I know that this topic has beendiscussed a bit before, but I am curious...why does Pan Am think that it can fill planes flying between Portsmith, NH and Orlando/Gary IL? With these previously unserved routes, I think that the latest Pan AM will continue to focus on charter routes for quite a while to come.
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RE: PA3's Routes

Mon Sep 13, 1999 10:23 am

I think that they will have the same fate as all of their predecessors. We'll be seeing Pan Am IV soon.

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RE: PA3's Routes

Wed Sep 15, 1999 12:55 am

This type of policy has worked very well for Ryanair, who are Europes largest and most (until recently only) profitable low fares airline. You fly to uncongested airports so suffer no delays (ie. better on time performance and quicker turn arounds so more sectors a day) and avoid high landing fees (sometimes they're waved altogether), giving dirt cheap fares (eg. London Venice 45 pounds return). Plus with no long walks to the gate or queues and the ability to park and be in your seat with-in five minutes if you time it right, even though the journey to the airport may be longer (eg. Treviso v Marco Polo Venice) when you take into account the time you save at the airport the point to point journey takes much the same time, with much less hastle, for much less cost. It's a winning formular, if you sell it right.