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Spotting At Sna!

Mon Sep 13, 1999 2:47 pm

I went to SNA today to say goodbye to my dad...He was flying off to Texas on a CO 735. I saw just the usuall planes. I saw alot of American MD-80's amd 90's (former Reno Air) that were being repainted. One MD-90 even had AA logo on the tail. I am really sad to be saying goodbye to Reno Air. A wonderful airline and I am proud to have flown them. I saw a CO 737-700. It was brand new. I was supposed to head into the cockpit of it but We decided not to. It was a very bussy day...Alot of Private and Corperate jets along with the airliners. I saw a very nast approach by a Cessna 172. A very very steep dive onto 19R. I thought the plane had something wrong but...guess not. Well thats it in a nut shell.