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Back From Switzerland.

Tue Sep 14, 1999 8:23 pm

Hi! In case you didn't know I was absent for the last 10 days, but for a good cause. I had the chance to return again to Switzerland and I had a great time, specially because I was in 70th aniversary of Bern-Belp airport, so it was a great day. There was excelent aircrafts but because we are in airliners I just recall those. I saw Classic Air DC-3, JU-Air JU52 ( excelent machine!!! ) Crossair Saab 2000 and SF340, Air Engiadina DO328 and KLM Uk DO328 too. Yesterday on the way back to Portugal I stayed in Kloten for one hour and I saw some interesting airplanes: TU134A Albanian Airlines (LZ-TUH) TU134 Aeroflot!!!! EMB 145 LOT ( very brand new ), MD11 VASP, 2 767-300 Delta, one with new livery and one with a very, very, very worn old livery, at least 6 A330-200 Swissair ( last one I saw was HB-IQH ) and 2 TU154's, one with Estonian basic livery and one from VIA. Just for the ones who want to have information about the planes I flew here it goes:

Faro/Lisbon - A320 - CS-MAH Air Macau
Lisbon/Zurich - A321 - HB-IOA Swissair
Zurich/Lisbon - A321 - HB-IOH Swissair
Lisbon/Faro - A320 - CS-TNC - TAP-Air Portugal

That's it, any information adittional please drop a line!
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RE: There's An Easier Way!

Tue Sep 14, 1999 8:29 pm

Great info from a GREAT airport, CV990, but have you seen the Zurich Airport website? Unbelievable. They have about eight cameras (including one rather pointless one, always pointed at the tower) which YOU can move yourself, focussing on a specific aircraft and log its reg. You can also increase magnification by eight times. It has to be seen to be believed, but of course, it only whets the apetite. I was last there in 1994, so I'm really looking forward to catching up on the SR fleet.

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Wed Sep 15, 1999 6:05 am


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