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Jumbos To PHX

Wed Sep 15, 1999 1:06 pm

Could someone provide info on when 747's or other heavys currently arrive in Sky Harbor? Trying to do some spotting, but mostly see just 737's and MD-80's here.
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RE: Jumbos To PHX -> BA747

Wed Sep 15, 1999 9:27 pm

You can see f.e. BA's 747-400 arriving each day at 14:15 from LGW and leaving at 15:45 to SAN. There are also some 767-300 widebodies from DL and UA...

RE: Jumbos To PHX

Thu Sep 16, 1999 2:06 am

As FRA-Runway mentioned, there is the BA 744 that arrives daily. It also comes back from San Diego at night and leaves Phoenix at 9:50pm. As for other 747s, Phoenix leaves a lot to be desired. Northwest was bringing in a 747-100/200 in at the end of 1998, but I think that has ceased since I didn't find it on their website. They do use a DC-10; if you're interested in that, check their website.

As for other 747s, you'll rarely see them in for service at Aviation Management Systems (what used to be the Sabre Tech hanger). Occasionally cargo airlines will fly them in (usually Polar Air or Atlas). When I was there in August, I happened to spot a MK Airlines Cargo 747 (9G-MKI)--that was a rarity. Other than these, you may see Delta, United and FefEx widebodies, although those aren't really Jumbos.

Basically, what I'm getting at is that most Jumbo traffic at PHX is unscheduled and you have to stay there all day to catch the interesting stuff.
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RE: Jumbos To PHX

Thu Sep 16, 1999 9:15 am

The BA 744 is usually the only jumbo into Phoenix. Northwest still uses the 747 into Phoenix occasionaly for crew training on flights to and from MSP. You just have to be lucky. There also was a Gemini Air Cargo DC-10 that was at the airport, but I don't think it is there anymore. It would be just west of T2. Also seen recently is a Fedex DC-10.

RE: Jumbos To PHX

Thu Sep 16, 1999 9:44 am

Northwest flies a DC-10 or two into PHX daily... the 747's (Northwest) are brought into PHX during Fall and Winter, I belive... which are the most desirable seasons in PHX. Also, during that time.... United brings one in along with DC-10's... I'll have to check, but I think United flies a daily DC-10 in... I'll check on that! Other than that, it's just 767's and BA's 744...
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RE: Jumbos To PHX

Thu Sep 16, 1999 11:25 am

NW flies the DC-10s daily from late fall to early April. Last time the 747 was used, it was because of the pending America West Strike (late March). Now it's a mixture of 320s, 757s, and 727s.

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