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Angel Airlines

Sun May 12, 2002 1:06 pm

First of all, at which is home to the now defunct Angel Air, how come they have a moving 737 on it, when they only operate A300s? Next, even pictures show 737s including the pics of the Y class...Any reason this was done? See for your self.

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RE: Angel Airlines

Sun May 12, 2002 1:16 pm

the homepage can be found at

In Angel's short lifetime (3 years) - they have operated the following aircraft:

737-500 (Wetlease from Malaysia Airlines)
737-400s (Wetlease from Malaysia Airlines)
F28 (Wetlease from PB Air)
757-200 (Wetlease from China Southwest)
L1011 (Wetlease from the grounded Orient Thai)

the homepage was probably set up when the airline was fairly new and still operating the 737-400s - and probably found no need to change the graphics from the 737s to every single plane they change to operate - same goes with the Cabin. Afterall, to the pax - a plane is a plane and a cabin is a cabin!

Also - I've heard rumours that Angel will now be flying freighters? Any info?