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Ideas For The 737-200

Mon May 13, 2002 4:02 am

Hey !

I have been thinking lately if its possible to refit the Boeing 737-200 with MD80 engines like the Super27 does I duno much about the technical stuff, it was just an idea that popped up in my head, and with all the noise restrictions going around these days i think its a good possibility to extend the life of those good ol' 732s

Im aware that the cost for such modifications wil be pretty high but just think aobut it

Any comments


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RE: Ideas For The 737-200

Mon May 13, 2002 6:03 am

The more I think about it the less sense it makes!

There are so many 737-300 to -500 being retired that it doesn't really make sense to retrofit 20 year old aircrafts.
Economically it is nonsense.

From a practical point (besides that it will get REALLY expensive) of view I see more problems with the clearance of the engines relative to the ground.

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RE: Ideas For The 737-200

Mon May 13, 2002 6:09 am

Yeah part of what makes the 732 so great is it can land on strips that other jets can not due to the engines being higher up from the ground more recent aircraft.