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Westar Express + National?

Fri Sep 17, 1999 12:14 pm

In the October issue of Airways magazine in the "New on the Airways" section, there is a picture and description of a start-up commuter airline called Westar. The airline plans to operate out of Las Vegas McCarran, with a fleet of 26 Jetstream 31 and 6 EMBRAER Brasilia aircraft serving destinations throughout the West Coast. I have two questions... First:Isn't this a large number of aircraft to start with, especially for a commuter airline? Will they have enough slots and enough passengers to successfully utilize 32 aircraft?
Second: I was thinking that this little commuter airline could be a good feeder airline for the new National Airlines. The people at National probably do not want to approach issues like this too hastilly, so maybe this could happen once they have an even stronger network and larger cash flow. Both airlines based out of LAS, and National is doing extremely well... what do you think?