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UA B744 PTVs

Thu May 16, 2002 11:32 pm

Hi guys,
Can someone pls enlighten me on whether United has PTVs installed on its B744s?
If they do, what routes do these PTV-installed B744s serve?
Thanks a lot.

Russell J
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RE: UA B744 PTVs

Fri May 17, 2002 1:07 am

Nope, no PTV's on 744 aircraft. Only select 777's have them.
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RE: UA B744 PTVs

Fri May 17, 2002 1:10 am

747s have PTVs in Biz and First
777s on international coach, in all biz and first
767-300s have in all classes on itnerational flights.

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RE: UA B744 PTVs

Fri May 17, 2002 1:26 am

i flew NRT-LAX and no ptv's
why word,what a boring flight!!!
middle seat in coach

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