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SIN Observations - Spotters Meet?

Sun May 19, 2002 11:27 am

I was spotting last and noticed this... not all airlines enforces the rule of dimming the cabin lights for a night takeoff / landing. The culprits are as follows: Thai, ANA, QANTAS, THY, KLM amongst many others. For the airlines that had darkened cabins, China Southwest (CZ) even went to the extend of switching off the lights that normally illuminate the tail as well! Who says Chinese carriers do not enforce safety huh? Hehehe... Seriously, isn't it safer for the lights to be dimmed? If so, why isn't it enforced throughout?

I also noticed that the Air France (AF) 777-200 had eerie blue lights that was visible on all the windows of the fuselage when it was landing. I can only speculate that all the PTVs were on and they were screening the landing scene???

Has Garuda stopped flying the A330s to SIN, anyone to confirm this? All I see are the 737-300s and the 747-400s which fly to / from Europe. Also, last night, I think a THY A340 aborted its departure and taxied back to the terminal. It stood still on the ramp for a long time with cabin lights all on and was finally escorted back to the terminal by a car with occulting lights (follow-me car, perhaps?).

The month of June is drawing closer. Any confirmed dates for the spotters meet?

The runway has finally switched to Rwy 20 so the mosque next to the army camp would be a good place to meet and watch the planes. I am no longer driving the black Fiat Uno, look out for a metallic blue Rover 416 5-door hatch back... that's me.  Smile
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RE: SIN Observations - Spotters Meet?

Sun May 19, 2002 11:49 am

Interesting observation.

As far as I know it is mandatory that the cabin lights are dimmed to the exterior light conditions. I guess it is even a FAA regulation.
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RE: SIN Observations - Spotters Meet?

Sun May 19, 2002 12:44 pm

Yes Ryanair, all the carriers you mentioned doesn't turn off or dim cabin lights for take-off and landing. About the CZ I agree with you, same goes to NW, Fedex and United.

The AF one was because of the PTVs. Pretty sure on this. Can 9V-SVC confirm this?

I think GA A330s still visit Singapore but not as often as before. Seen one not too long ago at D34. Was flying to Denpasar I think. I thought it was supposed to be a B737?

Anyone know more about the THY incident? I think it stopped there for a while to cool it's brakes after the RTO. Follow me cars! I have yet to see one in Singapore, or is it one of those vans that are used to inspect the runways?

What a nice car you have! I would like to go there too but it's a bit troublesome as I'm not driving.. long way in! Come pick me up from outside?  Smile

Hope to meet you one day!

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RE: SIN Observations - Spotters Meet?

Sun May 19, 2002 1:16 pm

WALK lah alvin~!

Interesting to see an RTO... never seen one before. Sigh. Only heard an SQ772 did an RTO while TO on 02R but I was at 02L.
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