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Flying Heron Preserved In Jersey

Mon May 20, 2002 12:23 am

Does anyone have contact information (like email, website) on the Duchess of Brittany preservation group which operates a DH Heron G-AORG in Jersey Airlines colours? I would like to have a flight on it one day but they don't answer their telephone.
Maybe moderator Kai Tak who flew them but whose email is withheld?
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RE: Flying Heron Preserved In Jersey

Mon May 20, 2002 2:49 am

Apparently a friend of my family has a stake in the running of the aircraft in Jersey,I know for a fact that he has something to do with it because when I was over in Jersey a while back I saw the schedule for the flights that it would be doing so I will get my parents to contact him and get some details if you want me to?
I'm not sure if they have anything to do with it but you could contact the Jersey AeroClub and ask for details,hope this is of some help.
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RE: Flying Heron Preserved In Jersey

Mon May 20, 2002 4:02 am

The aircraft is still flying and if you either (a) contact via the website above or (b) write to "Friends of the Heron", c/o Jersey Aero Club, Jersey Airport, St. Peter, Jersey, it should get there. The aircraft does have a list of flying engagements and I will try to find out what these are. Some take the aircraft to the UK.

I have flown on the aircraft once and I do see it flying around now and again and it's a great old plane.

Interestingly, although the Heron is usually flown by two retired BA 744 captains, it can be flown by a single pilot (it used to be in RN service), making it the only single pilot four engined plane.