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Mon Sep 20, 1999 8:31 am

Has Pluna stopped flying its main long haul route from Montevideo (via Rio) to Madrid? I heard that; why if so?

Does anyone know also what are Pluna plans for the future in terms of opening new routes or acquiring new aircraft?


RE: Pluna

Mon Sep 20, 1999 8:56 am

Not completely sure with Pluna's future, but as far as I know it is partly owned by Varig, and not much will happen until Varig decides its own future. Especially now with these 'fusion' talks going on in Brazilian airline industry. The last plane Pluna leased was a DC-10 from Varig to operate overseas routes from Uruguai. Other than that don't know anything new except they have some 732 chucked in their fleet...
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RE: Pluna

Mon Sep 20, 1999 3:16 pm

Well, its not easy to say, but Pluna is flying!
Pluna is an old airline with more than 65 years in the sky, most of this time with not clear future.
Pluna fly to Santiago, Cordoba, Rosario, Asuncion, Porto
Alegre, Sao Paulo, Rio and Salvador in South America, and Madrid in Europe. The company wonts to fly to Miami, but have not permission from the us authorities
(don`t know who ?).
Pluna fly 3 737-2A3 since December 1969, and the DC-10 + another 737 from Varig last three years.
The uruguayan gov. will helps, if necesary, like many times in the past, but Pluna will continius flying. Its also usual to fly with not clear future.
I came from uruguay, I was born there and really love the place. Sometimes I fly to there, Pluna have an
excellent services, almost not excellent airplanes.