Delta And Virgin Atlantic

Mon Sep 20, 1999 10:49 am

Didn't Delta at one time codeshare with Virgin? I recall the BOS-LGW and JFK-LGW/LHR flights carrying the Delta code.

Also, didn't Delta once operate many intra-Europe flights with 727s? What ever happened to these routes? I think they were routes that Delta bought out from Pan Am out of Frankfurt. The only one of these ex-Pan Am routes is FRA-Bombay (Mumbai?, I don't know the difference).

What ever happened to DL's Paris (Orly) to Tel Aviv service? Why did the stop this? TWA has always done well with Tel Aviv, and now CO is entering the Tel Aviv market.

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RE: Delta And Virgin Atlantic

Mon Sep 20, 1999 10:55 am

Yes. VS and DL did codeshare, until they broke it off and VS alligned themselves with CO.

DL did operate many, many flights from their FRA hub (bought from Pan Am) with 727's, however the FRA hub wasn't the most profitable an airline could ask for (no one else wanted it but DL), thus resulting in a reduction of capacity there.

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RE: Delta And Virgin Atlantic

Tue Sep 21, 1999 4:34 am

The hub of Frankfurt that DL bought to PAN AM wasn't profitable. And when the 90s begun it became a real problem for DL wich had to close it as quick as possible.

It replaced that hubs by non-stop flights and partnerships with SN, SR and OS.

They still fly to Mumbay (= Bombay) via FRA.
They now fly to CDG at Paris (instead of ORY) in order to be inside the hub of AF.

About code-sharing with Virgin, they can't do it without asking AF about that now.

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