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Scheduling Oddities

Sun May 26, 2002 12:57 pm

I was looking at some stuff today and noted some oddities with where some airlines fly and the frequency. For example, 2 years ago, there were 0 NS flights from OAK to JFK. There are now 7. However, there are 0 flights to MSP and STL from OAK. There are 0 flights from PDX to JFK yet PDX is a bigger airport than OAK. PDX and SFO have the same number of seats to DTW (in the summer). ONT has 0 NS flights to ORD whereas a couple years ago, they had 7 per day. There also no flights between SFO and ONT. It seems like there is not a great deal of logic being used by airlines- I would like to think they schedule according to demand but it does not appear that way. How else would one explain 7 new flights in 2 years (actually less) in a market that was previously unserved.
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RE: Scheduling Oddities

Sun May 26, 2002 3:18 pm

Delta used to serve JFK-PDX non stop. I had a great flight 2 years ago, it was a $200 roundtrip web fare, they ran out of coach class breakfasts, so I got to eat the first class breakfast which was much nicer. but I guess if they were giving it away that cheap, they weren't filling it very often.

Now, I notice that Delta flies non stop to SEA and the flight continues on to PDX, which means you can fly SEA-PDX on a 767-300, pretty neat since most of the other flights on this route are on prop planes.