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Braathens On Time Despite Latest Crisis

Tue May 28, 2002 5:40 pm

Flights were running on time at domestic carrier Braathens Tuesday, despite a new crisis that will leave hundreds of the airline's workers without jobs. Management had feared a massive sick-out by disgruntled employees.

SAS' takeover of domestic carrier Braathens is nudging hundreds of workers out the door.

Several workers had started calling in sick Monday even before word finally came that Braathens' takeover by former rival Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) would result in the loss of more than 1,000 positions.
Braathens workers are furious, not least because management earlier had indicated that job cuts resulting from the merger of SAS and Braathens would be shared by the two airlines. Now it appears Braathens will suffer most of the cuts.

As of mid-morning Tuesday, however, Braathens workers were proving to be good sports and showing up for work as scheduled. Only one Braathens flight, from Stavanger to Oslo, was said to have experienced a slight delay.

Braathens nonetheless remains in uproar. Only about 300 ground workers will be offered new positions in the combined SAS-Braathens operation called Scandinavian Ground Services (SGS). Management hopes another 400 will accept severance packages. The 330 remaining workers affected by the cuts can take part in a so-called "recruitment pool," which amounts to lay-off with a pay guarantee of 75 percent of salary through 2003.

Braathens' union leaders are threatening legal action to halt the Braathens job cuts, contending they violate Norwegian law governing takeovers.

SAS and Braathens management deny any law violations and say the job cuts are unavoidable if the combined operation is to be cost-effective and competitive.

Source: Aftenposten English Web Desk
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RE: Braathens On Time Despite Latest Crisis

Wed May 29, 2002 2:20 am

It is expected that workers in Braathens will create delays for the airline during the next days or so.
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RE: Braathens On Time Despite Latest Crisis

Wed May 29, 2002 6:10 am

I can't help but feel sorry for all the employees at Braathens. The airline has been struggling ever since the new airport in Oslo opened, and the employees have really made a great effort in turning things around and make the airline profitable. This must be very disappointing for them, as this was not what they envisioned when the takeover by SAS was approved.

It's a little funny that for the first quarter Braathen was able to post a small profit while SAS posted a huge loss...

I wish all the ground crew at Braathens all the best.

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