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hey L1011

Mon Dec 14, 1998 5:17 am

Interesting comments on your DC-8 flight. by the way what was your favorite airline to fly back then. Mine was (and still is ) National. I loved flying on their 747s!
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RE: hey L1011

Mon Dec 14, 1998 6:16 am

I liked Eastern the best back in those days. I especially liked the Air-Shuttle, where I was able to fly on an Electra even after all other Electra services had been discontinued. On the Shuttle, all first sections were DC-9-31s, while Electras operated the backup sections. I usually waited until it looked like the first section was full to check in, hoping to get on a second section. One time at LGA, since you couldn't see outside, I asked the lady at the boarding gate if this flight would be an Electra. She just said, "All I know is it has two wings and flies." Once in Boston, when I asked the same question, the agent said, "You really want an Electra?" I told him yes. Then he proceeded to holler to someone I couldn't see, "Hey Mack! Bring out an Electra for this man!" Then he told me to go to gate such and such and there was an Electra waiting to be boarded.

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