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The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 12:13 am

Nearly all airports around the globe have problems just because they can't grow as they would have to.
Airports face opposition from all kinds of sides. First there are natrual limitations such as missing capability to expand as for example the old Hong Kong airport Kai Tak and then there are political problems where politicians that have no clue decide what is to be done or more what is not to be done... Or the people living around the airport that, mostly moved there after the foundation of the airport was built, complaining about noise...

What problems does your local airport face hindering it from growing as it should or could?

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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 12:14 am

Runway not long enough and generally no room to expand, poor positioning and bad weather. Bad road and non-existent rail connections.


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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 12:17 am

Insane noise abatement procedures leading to the volume of traffic being restricted to far less than what it could be (noise limits over the open sea, comon guys!).
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 1:03 am

San Antonio (SAT)

-80% hemmed-in by city sprawl
-Longest runway only 8,500'
-New Austin Bergstrom Airport 70mi away surpased SAT in pax
-Lousy marketing
-No nonstops to SFO/OAK, MIA or Washington D.C.
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 1:10 am

At SLC I think the main problem is not enough space in the passenger teminals. Also parking is kind of confusing
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 1:17 am


Current parallel runways too close for simultaneous operation during inclement weather. 3rd parallel to open in 2005.

Surrounded by urban sprawl, Airport & City had to purchase 1/3 of the city of Bridgeton for new runway.

Terminal is a sprawling monster with excessive walks from the far D gates to the far C gates, both of which are gates for AA's hub.

Boeing's military division sits to the NW of the runways, this would have to be moved to expand to the north.
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 1:18 am

At ONT, we are closed in on two sides. However, the only thing that LAWA could possibly do is relocate the A lot, and extend the west end of the runway another 2,000 feet. Even if they wanted to do that anyway, there would be a railroad track in the way. The west end can be expanded another 1,500 feet or so, before clearance problems come into play. But even then, They would have to put a major artery road underground.
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 1:38 am

Providence-T.F Green (PVD)

The longest runway is only 7,100 feet
No room for terminal expansion
No room for runway expansion
Airport is surrounded by residential land (very whiney neighbors)

PVD is a really nice airport though, so I am satisfied with it. It could really use a runway extension (like MHT) though.

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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 2:48 am

At LHR, there are several on-going concerns:

Airspace congestion: There are so many planes stacked above LHR and it's so crowded, it's only a matter of time before a major disaster occurs.

Runway capacity: A new runway is desperately needed near or at LHR, traffic queue's can be horrendously long, therefore leading to delays.

A new terminal: At last T5 will be a reality.

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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 2:52 am

LHR seriously needs a 3rd runway.The airport is an economic jewel for the area
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 3:07 am

Here at Guernsey aiport, them main problem would be aicrafts stands. There are to many aircrafts on certain days for all the stands. This means they have to park right on the other side of the terminal. It is going worse soon as they are going to build a new terminal. The are taking out another 4 stands, wich is going to be a big problem for the summer.

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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 3:16 am


1. We need full length taxiways
2. a runway expansion wouldnt go a miss
3. getting into the plane stands can be a nightmare, its basically a dead end, so any plane entering must first wait on departing planes to get out..
4. we need a rail link
5. our owners dont like the airport. they try and make everyone use heathrow, failing that use glasgow.
6. We need to be independently owned!!!
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 3:18 am

Arsenal & Alex, just send what you don't want here! (And, no I don't mean the BA stuff  Wink/being sarcastic ). Oh, please don't read below!

Problems at MAN? Where does one begin..terminals only built at half capacity, with funding for expansion on hold, baggage system in both T1 & T2 up the spout (so much so that JMC have said they may pull a few flights out of here and use LPL), management & workforce not seeing eye-to-eye on work practices, airport charges considered too expensive, a certain airline operating aircraft that aren't suitable for T3 & the nimby attitude that resides in Mobberley, Styal & Knutsford. Mustn't forget the blasted Bermuda II agreement which is hindering MAN & the other regionals despite new operations not being party to that agreement.


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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 3:24 am

It's OK David_Itl, we'll keep the stuff at LHR, we don't have any intention of giving it away Big grin

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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 3:26 am

Williston Sloulin Field International (KISN/ISN)

- No control tower (FSS in GFK on 123.6 though)

- Weight limitations on runway (I believe the max we have gotten is a GIV and a DC-9)

- Barely any commercial traffic, 2 Metros to BIS and SDY and BIL and 2 B1900Ds to DIK and DEN (From a spotters point of view, bad thing, but from a normal person's point of view, its good because the flights serve us well, they're usually not full either)

Thats all that I can think of. I love ISN.. the FBO crew is great, I know them so they allow me to take lots photos of the biz jets and other aircraft that land from the ramp...

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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 3:30 am

At ROC (Rochester, NY, USA):

--Crosswind runway is too short at 5500,' and it is hemmed tightly on both ends. Interstate 390 and Erie Canal to the east, a 16-lane rail switching yard to the west. The airport authority gave up on lengthening 10-28 last year and built a 1000' overrun pad out of soft asphalt at the west end.
--Main runway is 8000' which is fine for regular traffic, but limits flexibility. Should originally have been built at 10000' back in the '60's, because now it's hard to justify money to do it. And of course there would be a nightmare of overlapping and excessive environmental review involved.
--Airfares are 4th highest in the nation, according to the US Department of Transportation. Fortunately, the arrival of AirTran in March should help the situation some. But until we get Southwest, there won't be the kind of sea change that is needed.

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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 3:34 am

At Zurich airport (ZRH) our biggest problem is definitely the noise. There are huge political discussions about how to land and take of, directions and runways etc. One problem is also the border to Germany. The Germans want to discriminate massively Zurich in favour to their airports (MUC and FRA). They ask for a complete flight ban on holidays over German territory. What would they do if neighbours of FRA and MUC asked the same???
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 4:06 am

JFK is an unusual case. It had many physical shortcomings and poor transportation access. Most of these problems have been remedied or will be remedied soon, what with completion of the new terminals One and Four, the ongoing work on the new AA terminal, and most of all AirTrain. JFK's main problem today is lack of service. UA has practically abandoned the airport, while DL keeps slashing its once-considerable service levels and has dropped plans for a new terminal. AA is now the dominant carrier, and seems committed to a strong presence what with its new terminal, but the effects of September 11th may yet cause it to reduce its presence at JFK. B6 also has grown into a major carrier at JFK, and if it survives, may eventually displace AA as the largest one.
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 4:29 am

Down at HPN (Westchester County Airport - White Plains, NY) our biggest problem is the airport neighbors. They complain about everything, noise, congestion due to airport traffic, planes flying too early or too late, it's really annoying and its preventing airport expansion.

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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 4:34 am

At Cleveland Hopkins (KCLE):

1. Airport is hemmed in on all sides, so the city constantly has to buy land and buildings and demolish them

2. Length of main runways (parallels 6/24), 8,999 ft. is the longest. This will be fixed in the next two years as the new runway is constructed and the longer of the two current runways is extended.

3. Crosswind runway (10/28) is 6,150 ft. Although I have seen the A300s land on it, it is also poorly positioned (at the arrival end of the 24 parallels) and hemmed in at the east by the Ford Motor Plant and the west by NASA Glenn Research Center. There are no plans to build a new or renovate the existing crosswind runway.

4. Environmental concerns. The airport is constantly under Ohio EPA pressure and the threat of fines for runoff into the wetlands and Abrams Creek, which runs through the southwest end of the airport property. Then Mike White (our former mayor) chose the conventional deicing method for our new deicing facility, and gave the contract to a friend, instead of going with Continental Airlines' preference: a laser deicing facility, which is drive-through just like the one at KEWR, and which doesn't create hazardous runoff. Go figure.

5. Runway configuration (redux): Our existing parallels are too close for simultaneous visual approach/departure. Our reconstructed parallels will still be too close for simultaneous ILS approach. Go figure.

At Burke Lakefront (KBKL):

1. The airport is "on the chopping block" if the Greater Cleveland Growth Association gets its way. Even one city councilman called Burke "toast" because so many people want to simply tear it out as part of our lakefront redevelopment.

2. The runways are 6,198 and 5,197 feet. They cannot be extended. The Army Corps of Engineers has been filling in a diked area north of the airport, adjacent to Runway 6L/24R, but it will be years before it is completely filled and the ground has settled sufficiently for new runway construction.

3. Continental Airlines owns all rights to passenger service out of Burke. They don't seem to have any plans to start even regional commuter service. I have a plan for them, but nobody ever talks to me...  Smile

4. Half the citizens of Cleveland either don't know that Burke exists, or they have no idea what "general aviation" means. Go figure.

At Cuyahoga County (KCGF):

1. What airport? There's an airport out in Richmond Heights? You're kidding me.

2. Hemmed in by residential area.

3. Single runway, ILS only in one direction. Poorly marked. Generally neglected. No dedicated website, either, other than my small one...

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Wed May 29, 2002 4:46 am

Runways desperatly need to be reconfigured.
Two close for dual landings when the fog roles in, but they have to fill in some of the bay, and that will take years of litigation to even get close.
International Terminal is being redone for domestic gates though, seems to be plenty of terminal space and BART (light rail) is almost here, just fix them runways.

GNOSS Field (Novato, CA)
Runway to be expanded from 3300' to 4400' to allow for more jets, almost there, almost, I can't wait, NIMYBs are still all over it, but it might go through

Also, they could use more hangers, dunno if they are working on that, on and off.

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Wed May 29, 2002 5:58 am

Biggest problems...
N67-Wings Field, Blue Bell, PA
Grumpy airport neighbors that protest the recent expansion that lengthened the runway from 2600 to 3700 feet, claiming that the jets that would come in with the longer runway would be "too loud" however the King Airs that came in prior to the expansion are much louder than the occasional (maybe twice a month) Citation that comes in...

Also the airport needs an AWOS or ASOS but this is in the works I have heard and will be operational within a year or so...

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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 6:06 am

Does anybody find it annoying that people around airports are the ones complaining about noise. First of all, I bet MOST airports were where they are now BEFORE the houses were built. Therefore, the people who live near the airport should either shut up about the noise or move. If they choose to live by the airport, then they should shut up. It's like first come, first serve. The planes were here first, therefore they have no right complaining. Is anyone with me on this?
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 6:07 am

I'll agree with CMK10 and say that HPN's biggest problem is its NIMBYs and the Westchester County government in general- I can't wait to see what kinds of restrictions they come up with when the current agreement about pax limitations expires in 2004...
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 6:09 am


This is exactly how i and other enthusiasts feel, same thing here at LHR. T5 was supposed to have happened a long time ago but the whingers living around were concerned about niose and pollution. What a load of bollocks!! The airport was there before you were born!!

Why live there if u cant stand the noise and pollution?

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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 6:42 am

Flyingbronco50: Yes! I hate it when people who live near airports complain! My opinion is, if you don't want the noise and pollution DON'T MOVE NEXT TO AN AIRPORT! It is a real problem here in New England, especially in Connecticut. The cities of New Haven and Bridgeport are both cities with populations around 150,000, but they have no airport of their own! The people have to drive to BDL or PVD, both over an hour away. Now the city of New Haven wants to expand Tweed Airport's (HVN) runway, but no, the people around the airport complained until they got what they wanted. The same thing happened with Bridgeport's Sikorsky Airport (BDR). Also, 20 minutes from my house is Worcester Airport (ORH), it has a beautiful new terminal, but it is underutilised do to a lack of highway access. But, the stupid people who live around the airport created ROAR (Residents Opposed To access Road), so they are having a hard time building a road!

Whew! Sorry to ramble on like that, I just needed to get my point out.

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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 6:50 am

Flyingbronco05- That drives me nuts more than you would believe. I remember it was either ABC or NBC that was doing a report on airports,delays, and congestion, and they were interviewing all of these people opposed to BOS expansion. Most of these people were in their early-mid 30s! Hasn't Logan been around much longer than that?

Let's see, for my main airport:
-Terminals are long as hell, but only have gates on one side, so that makes connecting a nightmare, and it just so happen that a major airline has it's largest hub at my airport. Unfortunately, this is basically impossible to fix.

-Gate space is at a premium.
American alone has around 70 gates while Delta has 30-40 gates, there is only about 30 gates for about 15 other airlines to use, and gate space is becoming a premium. Not only that, but at the terminal that handles just about every airline except for Delta and Grupo Taca,yes, AA has a handfull of gate at this terminal! The point is, is when British Airways, Lufthansa, Korean Air, and formerly JAL, when they came in, gate space is extremely tight and the waiting area was very cramped and you were lucky to find a seat. Renovations to the widebody part of the terminal have taken place, but not much has been done overall. Luckily, when the new 20-30 gate international terminal opens up in a few years, this will ease space. But, as it is, either the terminal is empty, or every gate is occupied. If the airlines don't space out their arrivals and departures at this terminal, there could be some big congestion. As it is, new airlines like National and Frontier have to share gates with BA,LH, and KAL due to lack of gates. Just recently, United bought up TWA's old gates.

-Lots and lots of runways, that's fine, but the problem occurs when it takes 25 minutes just to taxi to the runway, and that doesn't even include the line to take off.

- No plan to redesign/refurbish any terminals. While the AA terminals look okay, they could use some refurbishments and that does not mean more Admirals Clubs. In case you are wondering what that means, AA is constantly remodelling all of its Admirals Clubs here and the gate areas are what need to be redone!

my second airport:

- Huge debate on expansion/terminal overhauls due to nearby residents arguing(another one of those "move there, and then complain" events).

-Wright Amendment(one way how Jim Wright screwed my city).

-Lot's of aviation nostalgia being torn down in order for the so-called expansion. DAL was Braniff's largest hub, and most of what remains is gone  Crying.


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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 7:07 am

At SLC, the main problem right now is; there are rwy's 35/17, 34L/16R and 34R/16L and they all use the same downwind. There is no east downwind allowed, for the carriers, over the mountains because of noise restrictions.
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 7:18 am

FlyingBronco. People want too many things. They don't want to commute 2 hours just to catch a plane somewhere and yet they don't want to live with the noise. People need to understand that they can't have everything in life.

As for bad airports,
Vail/Eagle Airport(EGE) Has only a few problems. Since 9/11 the parking has been almost cut in half. Small airport with parking right up to the side of the terminal almost has been a problem. Eagle also has no radar(or its the Instrument Landing System can't remember) for the runway. It is a mountain airport and we do experience snow storms. When a snowstorm hits, planes can rarely land. Most are diverted to Denver or Grand Junction. That defeats the whole purpouse of having an airport for the ski resort. But those are just small problems. Other than that it is a great airport. I love to fly in and out of it. Great scenery as well as a pretty sweet takeoff.
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 9:59 am

yea N67 is one of the oldest airports in Pennsylvania, been around since the 1920's (AOPA was also founded there) and the houses in the area and all current houses were built in the 70s and 80s...

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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 10:16 am

Blatant Echo hit the problems at SFO right on the head. The runways are too close, and if it even thinks about raining they can only use one at a time. It is the single biggest reason that SFO has so many delays. Gate space is good, and BART is coming so transportation will improve (except BART doesn't operate 24hrs, and the busiest time at the airport is 6am to 8am, which makes it difficult to take BART to the airport for those flights).
OAK needs more gates, and A LOT MORE SECURITY CHECKPOINTS. 1 hr wait to walk through the security check point is ridiculious.
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 10:27 am

I'm not sure if these really count as problems but at Washington Dulles International (IAD), they've been having some problems with:

1. Building another permanant mid-field terminal. One of the ones they have now is temporary, even though its been there for years, and with Sept. 11, they've kinda cut back on the project.

2. The stupid mobile lounges, they're building a new underground train, but it won't be there for years.

3. No real mass transit link to the airport, except for taxis and travellers' cars. Again, they're going to extend METRO out to there, but it will be years 'till that is done.

I dunno, thats about it.

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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 10:29 am


The main problem is that the city wants to build a new runway. Of course, people living around the airport complain because of the noise it will add. That is always a problem when building a new runway. Then there is the corruption in local politics. The mayor or Atlanta was about to allow the city to pay $300 million dollars just for the dirt needed to build the runway. I think that was because he was friends or something with the owner of the dirt company. That mayor is gone now. A new one was elected. Anyway, I hope they build the runway soon. The only other problem (less major) is that there are parking garages very close to the terminal buildings in ATL and because of FAA regulations after Sept. 11, any parking within a certain distance of terminal buildings must be closed to parking in order to prevent a car bomb from hurting people inside the terminal. The problem is that there are a lot of parking spaces inside that distance that cannot be used and parking right at the airport was a problem befor 9/11. Without those hundreds of spaces, the problem is even bigger.
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 11:04 am

no one flies to Youngstown anymore! Continental, United and US Airways all left, so now we only have Northwest/KLM and a continental codeshare.

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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 11:35 am

Tacking on to DFW,

Construction is a nightmare at certain times of the evening. When I go home, I sometimes have to drive 5 miles north to turn around and continue south towards my home just because some turnaround points are closed off. Construction is rumored to be around for "years". This also causes many gates to be blocked off. As Blink182 said, gate space is already at a premium. We cannot even use the present capacity because construction is occuring at so many gates to build the new airport train system.

Speaking of transportation problems, the only ways to get ground transportation out of DFW are to rent a car or take a very expensive taxi ride. There is no public bus transportation--no I am actually not kidding. There is a primitive train that connects Dallas and Ft Worth with a very limited schedule with a stop somewhat south of the airport. From there, it is another shuttle ride to the terminals. However, for the average Joe, this is going to prove to be very inconvenient and time consuming to get to where you want to go. Anyone who is used to traveling the airport to city rails of BOS, DCA, ATL, STL, AMS, LGW, LHR, CDG, etc, etc will find the public transportation at DFW appalling. You have to have a car to get around DFW. There is simply no alternative.
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 1:12 pm

Well, most of the major problems don't exist anymore. Its probably in the best situation of any of the major airports currently. With a brand new 4th parallel runway, no capacity problems. New Midfield terminal for NW & friends, only a few months old. New terminal in the works for everyone else to be completed in a few years. Not bad, at least nothing that isn't being addressed.

The biggest problems relate to the new-ness of the WorldTerminal. Little things here and there that are being resolved. The Smith Terminal is a dump, but its only going to be around 3-4 more years.

A comment about Vail/Eagle (EGE), they have ILS on the main runway, they lack radar there. They rely on the Denver ATC, but aircraft lose radar contact below 14,000-15,000 feet (tops of the mountains) Below that point, they are invisible to radar. This situation greatly reduces the capacity of the airfield, as only one aircraft at a time is allowed to be "invisible" Say an aircraft takes off, until that aircraft has made radar contact, no other aircraft is allowed to takeoff or descend on approach below radar. There has been constant discussion about EGE receiving their own radar, but thats kind of been brushed aside for the time being. Also, I don't get that stupid parking rule. Most small airports received a waver from the FAA to allow parking within 300 ft. Others just hired rent-a-cops.
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 7:02 pm

NZAA, Auckland Intl.

Is just TOO SMALL!! Our airport needs to expand, and gather much more gates for aircrafts!!

ZK-NBT...have anything to add?? You are the pro!

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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 7:31 pm

Cheers Mikey!

I was just thinking what to say about AKL, the only thing I would probably add is the arrivals area is to small at peak times!! The other main problem is gate space mainly international with 10 aerobrides and up to 15+ aircraft at once!
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 7:58 pm

The biggest problem at my home airport (DUB) at the moment is that they're not flying!! (stoopid dumb ass airline)
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 8:25 pm

My local airport (SOU) has a nice new terminal, great road and rail access - everything you could possibly want. Unfortunately the airport suffers from having one main operator (BA Regional) who due to falling traffic may reduce the number of routes served from here. Zurich has been dropped and i think Frankfurt will follow. Dublin will apparently use DHC8's not EMB145 as now. It is also significantly more expensive to fly from a regional airport than from LHR or LGW (both easy to get to from me) The NIMBY's also protest at the noise levels yet the EMB145 used are one of the quietest jets around. Lack of a full length taxiway also causes delays as when on 20 you have to hold for landing traffic before backtracking up the active runway (approx 1/3 of the runway) 02 is better but not by much.

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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 10:16 pm

I'll swap you some AA 772s for some AIH 320s  Smile I need to go to MAN soon!
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 11:23 pm

My local airport PNQ(around 120 miles from BOM) is actually a huge AF base used by the IAF and the Navy.

The tiny civil terminal can barely accomodate 150 passengers at a time and was built at a time when PNQ received barely a couple fo Dorniers everyday. So when a couple fo A320's and 737-800's come in every evening, its chaos!

Also the Air Force doesnt allow the longer runway to be used, and only smaller (~7500 ft) is open to civilian flights, so only A320 sized aircraft can come in and that too only at specified times (late morning and 1600 to 1800 hours). This restricts many carriers from offering many services.

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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 11:34 pm

As my my local big airport (SJC), I can cite two problems:

1. Terminal A is way too overcrowded at times, especially the waiting area in front of the WN gates. SJC should seriously considering giving more gates at Terminal A to WN to reduce a potential evacuation hazard.

2. Terminal C is in desperate need of complete replacement. They need to replace it with a modern terminal with jetwalks for every gate like over on Terminal A.

At least they are addressing the issue of the Federal Inspection Service (Customs and Immigration) areas with the new building now under construction.
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Wed May 29, 2002 11:58 pm

Gerald R. Ford Intl. in Grand Rapids is very underutilized. For a city that has a metro area population of 1,300,000 , the airport only serves 1.8 million passengers a year. It is by far a Northwest, and maybe a little United dominated airport. The airport has no lowfare carriers, we desperatly need JetBlue or Southwest. The city is a blue colar working class city for the most part, and with a low fare carrier, we could attract a lot more pax. There is no covered parking garage, only surface lots, although there is plenty of shuttle services. Finally, is NIMBYISM! The suburban areas around the airport were built up AFTER the airport was built, yet, these selfish and thick-skulled suburbanites think they own the airport, and know whats best for the entire metro market!!
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Thu May 30, 2002 12:33 am

Was it the MP for Staines who said that people should stop bitching about LHR and think about how important it is to the area?No LHR-many less jobs-less infastructure-lower house prices.
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RE: The Biggest Problems @ Your Local Airport?

Thu May 30, 2002 1:40 am


1. It's the highest airport in the UK, perched ontop of a hill, so it's either shroud in fog, or has excessively strong X-winds on the main runway or is closed due to snow.

2. Big hill just to north west at one end of runway, so only one end has ILS, and even that has a blind spot due to slope of runway.

3. Because of 1, it usually turns into a coach station between Dec-Mar, as that is the nearest you get to an 'Air-bus' Big grin

4. Only has 1 jetbridge (only very recently installed). and that is very rarely used, and airport authority reluctant to use coaches to a/c, unless it's extremely bad wx, and then it's a hassle for them, so pax usually have to walk to a/c.

5. Terminal curves around a corner, so trying to direct pax across the ramp to the correct arrivals door was a nightmare, they have just opened a new walkway right accross the front of the building tho', blocking the view from the cafeteria.

6. Check-in hall is way too small. When I started there 9 years ago (now at lhr), there were only 9 desks !!. They extended the check-in hall and increased it to 20 desks, but still ain't enough in the summer when all the charters are in as well as the schedules, so queues either outside, or down to the arrivals hall are not uncommon.

7. Very poor transport links, no rail, limited bus service, miles away from motorways.

8. It's only 55 miles (1hr) to MAN.

9. As it's so small, everyone knows everyone else's business (employees).

When it was first built, it was in WW2. They used to build Lancaster Bombers in an underground factory (with moveable concrete cows on the roof !!), so the runway was only ever used for take-offs, and being shroud in fog ensured the Gerry's never managed to find/bomb it, which was fine then, but not for civil a/c ops.
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