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Delta's L1011's....

Tue Sep 21, 1999 5:11 am

What will delta replace the 1011's with? the 777? 767-400? A330?
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RE: Delta's L1011's....

Tue Sep 21, 1999 5:18 am

The L-1011's were to be replaced with the 777-200IGWm but now ill be mostly replaced with the Boeing 767-400ER. Delta will never buy an Airbus Aircraft again due to the fact that the A-310's they operated were pieces of junk.
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RE: Delta's L1011's....

Tue Sep 21, 1999 7:24 am

That's right. The 2 B777-200IGW that are currently in the fleet will be grounded next month because of the pilot dispute. The order is now canceled and the 2 777's will be grounded for the time being as long as management is still in negociation with flight crews regarding salaries. Atlanta based Delta, the only customer with Continental to order the 767-400 (no need to call it ER since there is no 400ER as opposed to a 400 non ER) and the only major airline that still flies L-1011's, has decided a long time ago that the 767-400 would be the L-1011 replacement. The last L-1011 will be retired in 2002.

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RE: Delta's L1011's....

Tue Sep 21, 1999 9:35 am

I was checking into flights into Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) and it seems Delta is using a lot of its L1011's on this route. When I used to live there they flew all types up to ATL - 727s, md80s, 757s, etc. I wonder why they put the L1011s on the FLL routes lately?
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RE: Delta's L1011's....

Wed Sep 22, 1999 1:22 pm

Last year, I was at MCO, at Delta's gates, and noticed that a bunch of their MCO-ATL flights were L-1011 flights. Sort of the same thing you noticed, Bruce.

Anyway, Delta's 777s are now sort of a running joke among airline pilots. I saw their whole 777 fleet at MCO a couple of months ago. All two of them.

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RE: Delta's L1011's....

Wed Sep 22, 1999 1:39 pm

Yes there are only two 777 in the DL fleet, If it were not for the blind greed of the pilots there would be 8 or 9 at this time and another 20+ on the way. I think the pilots should look in the mirror the only joke is on them.