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Purchasing Tickets Using Miles Vouchers

Wed May 29, 2002 4:42 pm

How many of you have browsed ebay and seen FF miles or award vouchers and southwest "free" tickets for sale? I see a lot of this. has anyone ever bought tickets like that?

for example, there is someone selling a free southwest ticket and the auction price is up to $8.50 so far. There are tons of southwest tickets for sale. Sounds like quite a steal huh? what's the catch? Is it really as good as it sounds?

Another popular one is the AA program with the frequent flier certificates from kelloggs cereal boxes. Someone is selling 4,000 AA miles. Well, my quesiton is how do FF miles programs work. If I buy 4,000 miles, and I want to take a trip that is 2,000 miles round trip, does that mean I have got a free trip if I cash in 2,000 miles? How many miles can you cash in & use in one trip? Can I buy a regular AA ticket & use these "miles" to upgrade to F/C?


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