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Cathay Pacific - New Zealand Route

Thu May 30, 2002 1:04 pm

This item was in the Marco Polo Club news sheet sent out recently:

"From 1 July 2002, passengers flying in and out of Auckland on Cathay Pacific will be able to enjoy the new First and Business class seats. This service operates on a daily basis."

Feasibility of CX achieving a 34C deployment daily to AKL? Changing SFO to 744 will free up some 34Cs, but their website lists only 4 34Cs at the moment.

I think CX are doing really well on this route in terms of premium passengers - business class is often more than 75% full and first class seems to be seeing a lot of traffic as well.
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RE: Cathay Pacific - New Zealand Route

Thu May 30, 2002 5:56 pm

Hmm, I think quite a lot of them (first class passengers) fly to Europe, if I'm not wrong. I met a businessman once on AKL-HKG. He was going on to the UK, he's a FF. His reason to fly CX was mainly because of the First class seats, he much prefers the seats to the AirNZ ones (You probably know why), and because he can get Qantas points.

I think changing the business seats is a way to grab even more passengers (especially the biz people), off Singapore Airlines, which is also one of the more attractive options. Somehow, they just don't seem to go with AirNZ.
I think ads will soon run (my guess), saying stuff like "sleep all the way to Europe", or something like that.......
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RE: Cathay Pacific - New Zealand Route

Thu May 30, 2002 6:16 pm

The fares will go up. If the business cabins are as full as you suggest, then fares in peak times will go up as well.
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