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Bad Figures For Brussels Airport

Thu May 30, 2002 9:51 pm

Brussels airport welcomed in april 1,19 million passengers. This is a decrease with 37 procent compared to the figures of april 2001.

The slow increase of passengers after the downfall due to september 11 and Sabena's collapse stopped in april.

But during the first quarter of the year there was a montly progress, according to BIAC, of 3,5 procent.

The O&D passengers were 14 % down compared to last year. Freight was minus 12 procent

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RE: Bad Figures For Brussels Airport

Mon Jun 03, 2002 1:29 am

Hello Pressclub,

Do you think that Brussels Airport will ever have again 21 million passengers?
Seems difficult to me, because SNBA is much much smaller than Sabena.

If yes, will this be within the next 10 years you think?

If SNBA should join an alliance like OneWorld, maybe the amount of passengers will increase again to 19 or 20 million?

Will the HST affect the pax at Brussels you think? Maybe they will take the train to AMS. This will result in much less pax at Brussels.


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RE: Bad Figures For Brussels Airport

Mon Jun 03, 2002 6:18 am

It looks obviously to me that Belgium must react very quick on the TGV- and AMS-attack in order not to loose much pax to AF and KLM. Although there has been talks on governmental level about the extension and easy-to-reach-way of the airport, it seems that Belgium is responding (as always) too late to such threats.
If ANR is loosing its passengers (flights are stopped) due to the fact that transporting people by train to AMS for their connectionflight is much cheaper and if AF is using flightnumbers for journeys on trains (TGV) to Paris airports, it is quiet surprising that Belgium is not aggressivaly responding to such threats.
Regards, Karl