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UAL A319 Stops At Fort Dodge, IA Today

Wed Jun 05, 2002 5:51 am

I found the flight tracker. I found UAL's flight status was coming from Salt Lake City to Chicago somehow divert to Ft Dodge today due bad weather in Chicago.

Here it is:

Airline United
Flight Number 684A
Departure City (Airport) Fort Dodge, IA (FOD)
Departure Time 06/04/2002 03:18 PM
Arrival City (Airport) Chicago, IL (ORD)
Arrival Time 06/04/2002 04:39 PM
Remaining Flight Time 00:57
Aircraft Type Airbus A319
Current Altitude 8,600 feet
Current Groundspeed 359 mph
Flight Status In Flight


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RE: UAL A319 Stops At Fort Dodge, IA Today

Wed Jun 05, 2002 6:16 am

FOD?!? Why? That is an extremely small airport with service only to MSP via Mason City! Must have been fairly bad , or they would have diverted to SUX or DSM...
Hard to believe FOD can even hold an A319, much less have one land there rather than SUX or DSM because of WX!
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Anyone See It On The Ground?

Wed Jun 05, 2002 9:47 am

If I would have know about it sooner I would have driven up to see it. I live in Jefferson 40 mi south. FOD's runway 6/24 is 6547 ft long. As long as the A319 was not topped off with fuel that should be enough to get it off the ground.
Like Hurricane said FOD has three flights a day to MSP with a stop in MCW.
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RE: UAL A319 Stops At Fort Dodge, IA Today

Wed Jun 05, 2002 7:03 pm

I highly doubt flight tracker was accurate in this case. I too was tracking some of the ORD inbounds this morning and an AA MD-80 supposedly was diverted to Burlington, IA and an AA 738 to Dubuque, IA. It makes me wonder if it is getting confused with VORs that these aircraft are tracking, because FOD, DBQ, and BRL are all heavily used VORs for ORD inbounds.

FOD could certainly handle an A319, Ozark used to fly DC-9s into this airport for years. But, UAL would have diverted this aircraft to a UAL station like OMA, MSP, DSM, or CID before even considering an airport like FOD (unless it was a true emergency).
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RE: UAL A319 Stops At Fort Dodge, IA Today

Wed Jun 05, 2002 11:14 pm

Hi there I would know if an MD-80 was diverted here in Burlington, It wasnt. We have the capability to handle one but there was not one here. we have had 727-200s for Charters, and 737s so we can handle one of those. but as for flight tracker, that was inaccurate