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The First Boeing 747 Is Still Here?

Thu Sep 23, 1999 7:00 pm

Today when I was looking though Airliner's photo, I found serveral photo of the first Boeing 747-100 which are recently taken! I wonder why this aircraft was not disposed yet for 30 years? Here are the number of photos: 5214, 6435, 18543 and 46565.
Any replies will be appreciated!
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RE: The First Boeing 747 Is Still Here?

Thu Sep 23, 1999 7:16 pm

Why scrap a perfectly useful airframe?

The origionaly 747 has been used several times to test new systems. The aircraft itself is outfitted with a very large amount of computers and test equipment. That is why it was never sold to an airline. Boeing decided that the cost of removing all of the flight test instruments would cost too much. They kept the plane and turned it into a flying testbed. The reason's it have not been scraped are that, although it is now reaching it's lifespan in years (it has been donated to the Museum of Flight and got new engines from Pratt&Whitney) it is a relatively low hour aircraft (compared to 747-100s still in service). The first 747 was used to test one of the engines for the 777, the trent 800, and has been used one or two other times.

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RE: The First Boeing 747 Is Still Here?

Thu Sep 23, 1999 8:41 pm

The first 747-100, "City of Everett" is now at Boeing Field without any engines. It has large weights attached to the nose leg to help balance the aircraft.

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Yes! I Saw It Last Year In Seattle!

Fri Sep 24, 1999 5:59 am

Hi Airbus A3XX!

Yes you're right, the first B. 747 ever built is still alive, last year I was in Seattle for the Seafair 1998 ( I saw the Blue Angels making a great display ) and the place we had to board the buses was the Boeing Field. Si I had the oportunity of seeing that marvelous plane, I even took a photo with a friend riding the car. That day I also saw 737's from THY, Aeroflot, Continental, and 4 767 AWACS from JDAF ready to be delivered.
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RE: The First Boeing 747 Is Still Here?

Fri Sep 24, 1999 6:18 am

Yes, there it still is without engines at Boeing field. I saw and photographed it about a month ago when coming from Anchorage. Hopefully they´ll install the engines and open it for the public! Or at least tow it to the Museum of flying front yard next to Air force one.

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RE: The First Boeing 747 Is Still Here?

Fri Sep 24, 1999 7:42 am

I believe that it is being prepared for the muesem. I wouldn't find it unusual to see the aircraft back up int the air though when it is time for a new Boeing aicrafts systems and engines to be tested! The 747-100 keeps paying dividends for Boeing. When the 777 engine tests were going on Boeing leased the 747 from the Seattle for the outrageously high sum of $1 a day!
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