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Air Force One: Yeah, Right!

Fri Sep 24, 1999 11:46 am

I'm sitting here watching Air Force One when I know the features of The REAL AirForceOne & I tell you Wolfgang Petersen did a horrible job on this movie in the view of aviation enthusiasts

The Real Air Force One

Fuel Receptacle door on front
GE-CF6 Series Engines-200/300 Engines
USAF on wings
No Escape pod
No parachutes
No weapons

The Movie Air Force One.

A/C------747-146, With the Cockpit of a 747-451---
No Fuel Receptacle
No writing on wings until later in the movie ( I gotta give credit to the same people who got up 30,000 feet in the air to do the P/S...)
Escape Pod, No way
Parachutes , Maybe 1 or 2
A whole room full of weapons, No way....

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RE: Air Force One: Yeah, Right!

Fri Sep 24, 1999 11:57 am

I'm not sure of it, but I don't think that the real plane would have their communication center (on the Upper Deck) just open to everyone and anyone....I would assume that they would at least have a few thick doors, just for that simple reason portrayed in the movie! (hijacking).

In additon, the real plane has many more antennae on the top of the aircraft for all of the communication lines, etc.

Other than that, I thought it was fairly well done (the plane...not the movie!).

A few things I wouldn't mind having aboard ANY plane would be parachutes and the escape pod! What a rush that would be!


RE: Air Force One: Yeah, Right!

Fri Sep 24, 1999 1:29 pm

The live air to air shot in that move where done with a Kalitta 747 that was painted up in the AF1 colors. Sorry I don't know which aircraft or what tail number it was.
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RE: Air Force One: Yeah, Right!

Fri Sep 24, 1999 2:14 pm

I posted earlier which Airplane was involved.
And do you guys think that even if Mr.Petersen knows (and I am even sure he knows anyway) your 'facts' that he would have done the movie different?
We should know by now that movies and TV do not equal reality.

RE: Air Force One: Yeah, Right!

Sun Sep 26, 1999 2:51 am

No, They put a 400 cockpit in the real because they did not make the 747-200 anymore & they specially modified it so that they could see everything in screen instead of dials, sort of a confidential thing  
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Sun Sep 26, 1999 4:34 am

I for one am a big fan of Harrison Ford however "Air Force One" I don't think is one of the brighter stars on his resume. If we all watched a scene involving a surgeon, would the majority of us know what is correct/possible or not? I certainly wouldn't and most of here in this forum would probably not either. Point is, not many moviegoers are gonna be as knowledgeable as us in here as to the myriad of details that separate fact from fiction. What the public wanted and got was a "Move". Albeit not a very good one in my opinion. Besides in todays day and age, I for one thought that that the special effects were attrocious. True, it was not very factual but more importantly I thought it was a pretty rotten movie all way round.

As always this is just my opinion and nothing more.

Mark from MSY