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Iberia A340's to Africa?

Sat Oct 31, 1998 9:34 pm

I am aware that Iberia flies the Madrid-Barajas to Johannesburg Jan Smuts route,
but I have heard rumours that they also use A340 equipment on routes to Malabo in Equatorial Guinea (eq.guinea being the sole spanish speaking nation in Africa).Could anyone verify this for me?
What configuration do they use?
Also, whilst we're on the subject of what I would call "long,thin routes",
I have also heard that TAP flies A340 equipment from Lisbon to Portugal's colonial outpost in Asia, Macau! Can someone please confirm that one aswell.
Another strange route is Malysian's from Kuala Lumpur's Sepang to Johannesburg Jan Smuts.The aircraft then flies on to Cape Town International.But wait!That's not enough.The MH flight then continues on to Buenos Aires' Ezeiza International.Apparently the equipment used varies from 747-400C's (combis) to MD-11's.And finally BA have now resumed flights to Lagos from Gatwick (747-400's) and have started new routes to Abidjan (Ivory Coast-DC10's) and Cancun (via Mexico City with 747-400's).I'll keep you posted on any other "odd" routes I discover.

RE: Macau

Sat Oct 31, 1998 9:41 pm

Yes, I can confirm that TAP flies the A340 to Macau. Or atleast they did just a short time ago.

RE: Macau

Mon Nov 02, 1998 8:10 pm

Hi. TAP has just stopped their fligths to Macau has the load factor weren't enough for the airline to keep on flying there. According to rumors here in Portugal Air Macau his due to take over this route using a A330-200. We wait to see.

RE: Iberia A340's to Africa?

Mon Nov 02, 1998 8:14 pm

Hi. Iberia in did flies from Madrid to JNB using an A340 but their fligths to Malabo in Equatorial Guinea are flown on a B757.
TAP flew the LIS-BRU-MFM route for one year. Then they changed last winter to LIS-BKG-MFM. And this summer they flew LIS-IST-BKG-MFM. Now they haver dropped the link to
Macau due to bad load factor and the fact that the air corridor used didn't allowed the plane to take all the cargo
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RE: MH Services to EZE

Thu Nov 05, 1998 4:22 am

MH flies twice a week the route from KUL to EZE via JNB and CPT, using a B747-400 Mixed Configuration. It codeshares the route to BUE with Aerolineas Argentinas. The ruote started in October 1994, and since then kept the same frequency. At the beginning MH used a MD11, but now they fly with a 744.