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ATC Jobs

Fri Sep 24, 1999 2:01 pm

Does anyone here have any advice on how to get the ball rolling in getting a job with ATC? I have looked at several resources, but none of them seem to have the first several steps it takes to get your foot in the door. Thanks in advance.

RE: ATC Jobs

Sat Sep 25, 1999 2:10 pm

Nav-Canada needs ATC'ers. They are short staffed and over worked. I went to the YVR ARTCC and the tryed to hire me on the spot. Go to www.nav-canada.ca or search for it. You will be tested and tested again but it's the same with the FAA. We are a little more strict up here though.
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RE: ATC Jobs

Sun Sep 26, 1999 11:16 am

There is a program in college, in which you take several aviation courses and then by your senior year you are given the option to take an additional course (notice only one additional course!!) to became an ATC. The couses that you take before parallel the Aviation Administration.

Purdue University partakes in this program!!!

One of my professors was a former ATC until he went on strike in the 1980s and was fired. Just email me and I'll give you his address or I can talk to him.

- Neil Harrison
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RE: ATC Jobs

Mon Sep 27, 1999 10:09 am

it has been about 9 years ago, but the way i got the ball rolling was i found a company that would send you material that would help you study for the test that you take. then i took the test and was put on the list to be called to go to oak city. unfortunely i went over the age limit for starting before i got a call to go. so i ended up working for another cargo airline
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RE: ATC Jobs

Mon Sep 27, 1999 10:37 am

Go to Beaver College in Beaver Falls, PA. They have an excellent program. It's a tough job though. To operate in radar environments you must be able to draw by memorization, the entire sector that you work.....all VOR stations, all victor airways, all frequencies, all airports. It's a tough ship. Have Fun!