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Fri Sep 24, 1999 4:24 pm

Hi all

I saw a pic in one of the papers yesterday of KLM's low cost carrier BUZZ.

Cant remember it all but it has a stylized flower on the tail with Buzz titles below.

Fuselage is yellow. I think variations will be in lime green and another colour.

They will be operating BAe146's "pinched" from AirUK.

I think the engine housing will show the wording "Buzzzz"

Might be a printing error.

Hopefully we will see some more positive information soon.

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RE: Buzzzzz

Sat Sep 25, 1999 3:18 am

How far are European airlines going to go with giving their low cost carriers strange names. Now we have two "big brother" based low cost carriers - Go (BA) and Buzz (KLM) both facing each other down at Stansted. What's next? SAS to set up Smorgasbord? Lufthansa to launch "Achtung" or Iberia's new "Paella" or "Siesta"?

Joking apart, this is really something which was forced on KLM uk, as its Stansted home base must have been quite badly affected by the low cost carriers. Low cost carriers certainly seem to be the way forward.

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