Aviation News

Mon Dec 14, 1998 8:50 pm

This morning, is reporting that yet another
problem has shown up on the MD11.
Wiring in the door controls. They have issued an advisory for all MD11 operators to have this wiring fully checked within 10 days.
THAI Crash:
Here is one that will blow you away. The pilot of the Thai airbus had made three attempts to land before the mishap. The ILS had been REMOVED from the airport for construction. What the heck was this guy thinking trying 3 approaches in bad weather with no ILS??
I think that answers the notion that all crews go by the book. There is always one crew or Capt. willing to make his own rules often with disastorous results.

RE: Aviation News

Mon Dec 14, 1998 9:01 pm

You have to read it to believe it.