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Look At This Magnificent CO 777!

Fri Sep 24, 1999 11:53 pm

Very often we surf down the photos without looking at them properly, especially if the subject is usual. But, take a look on this magnificent photo of an Continiental B777 on the ramp. Notice in the background the heart of NY Manhattan and the World Trade Center, it is really fantastic. Hope you share my opinion.

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Michael F. McLaughlin

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RE: Look At This Magnificent CO 777!

Sat Sep 25, 1999 2:56 am

Very impressive, no doubt!

I remember that some time ago, Continental used the same back-ground to photograph a DC-10 on the runway, and then they made an advertise with that photo, promoting their GRU/GIG-ERW daily service. On the photo, the DC-10 was on the runway and the picture was taken by front-left side. The WTC was just behind... (special camera used, of course!) Quite beautiful!

I think Johan Lundgren could add this CO 777 photo to the "our best shots" section!


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RE: Look At This Magnificent CO 777!

Sat Sep 25, 1999 6:45 am

This is definately a great shot and one that makes me proud to say that my home airport is EWR!
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Sat Sep 25, 1999 8:30 am

Pretty please!!!!!!!!!
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